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Florida Marlins Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was first published December 16, 2007. THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST!!! THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE OLD LIST WITH OLD GRADES!!!!!!!

1) Cameron Maybin, OF, Grade A-
     .273/.368/.462 with 18 steals for Double-A Carolina. Power/speed remain strengths, draws walks, but strikeout rate is very high. Could he develop into a Mike Cameron type? Cameron Maybin...Mike Cameron...interesting name parallel.
2) Ryan Tucker, RHP, Grade B
    1.38 ERA with 64/31 K/BB in 78 innings for Carolina, 8.39 ERA with 26/22 K/BB in 34 innings in the majors. Great stuff but command was not ready for the Show.
3) Aaron Thompson, LHP, Grade B
     6.15 ERA with 34/36 K/BB in 60 innings for Carolina, 83 hits allowed. Ineffective at the Double-A level.
4) Chris Volstad, RHP, Grade B
     3.36 ERA with 56/30 K/BB in 91 innings for Carolina, 2.67 ERA with 24/15 K/BB in 34 innings for the Marlins. I was concerned about low strikeout rate but ground ball tendency might save him.
5) Gaby Hernandez, RHP, Grade B
     Crushed in Triple-A, 7.24 ERA with 54/26 K/BB and 94 hits in 65 innings for Albuquerque. Sent back to Double-A, then traded to Mariners. Stock has dropped.
6) Chris Coghlan, 2B, Grade B
     .305/.395/.440 for Carolina with 27 steals. Good contact hitting ability. Adam Kennedy or Todd Walker type?
7) Matt Dominguez, 3B, Grade B
      .285/.346/.419 for Class A Greensboro in the Sally League. OK numbers, not spectacular.
8) Eulegio De La Cruz, RHP, Grade B-
      4.70 ERA with 93/51 K/BB in 113 innings for Albuqueque, 109 hits allowed, 2.00 GO/AO. These are pretty good numbers for Albuquerque.
9) Brett Sinkbeil, RHP, Grade B-
      4.78 ERA with 57/40 K/BB in 124 innings for Carolina, 147 hits allowed. Stock is dropping. Don't like the low strikeouts and excessive hittability.
10) Gaby Sanchez, 1B, Grade B-
      .335/.422/.547 with 16 homers, 17 steals, 58 walks, 58 strikeouts for Carolina. I like this guy.
11) Kyle Winters, RHP, Grade C+
      3.86 ERA with 58/41 K/BB in 100 innings for Jupiter. Rated as a sleeper pre-season, but I don't like the low strikeouts.
12) Sean West, LHP, Grade C+
       2.85 ERA with 63/47 K/BB in 73 innings for Jupiter. Needs better command but an interesting pitcher.
13) Dallas Trahern, RHP, Grade C+
       6.70 ERA with 53/31 K/BB in 83 innings for Albuquerque, 105 hits allowed. High ground ball rate with decent control but everything else is weak.
14) Scott Cousins, OF, Grade C+
       .304/.370/.513 for Jupiter, just promoted to Carolina where he's at .192/.250/.308 the first week. Interesting speed/power player worth watching.
15) John Raynor, OF, Grade C+ 
       .319/.402/.492 with 10 homers, 42 steals for Carolina. Another player with multiple skills having a good year, though already 24.
16) Hector Correa, RHP, Grade C+
       On disabled list at Greensboro.
17) Logan Morrison, 1B, Grade C+
       .351/.414/.536 for Jupiter. Massive breakout season vaults him into elite category.
18) Burke Badenhop, RHP, Grade C
       6.08 ERA with 35/21 K/BB in 47 major league innings, 55 hits allowed. Unimpressive.
19) Steve Cishek, RHP, Grade C
       4.59 ERA with 63/25 K/BB in 65 innings for Greensboro, 61 hits allowed. Not a lot to get excited about.
20) Mike Stanton, OF, Grade C
      .281/.362/.577 with 29 homers for Greensboro, 128 strikeouts in 388 at-bats. Excellent power but other hitting skills look rather raw.

The biggest news here is the huge breakout from Morrison. I rated him as a sleeper prospect and breakthrough candidate in the book, but didn't expect a line like that in the Florida State League. I've always been a bit lukewarm on Volstad, feeling that he was overrated by some folks, but that appears misplaced now. Maybin continues to generate some passionate disagreement among prospect followers.