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Detroit Tigers Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was originally posted December 10th, 2007. THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST!!!! THIS IS A REVIEW OF AN OLD LIST AND OLD GRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Rick Porcello, RHP, Grade B+
     2.84 ERA with 66/30 K/BB in 114 innings, 107 hits for Lakeland in the Florida State League. I don't like the low K-rate but he gets lots of grounders and is young for the level, so he gets some slack on that for now.
2) Jeff Larish, 1B, Grade B- 
     .269/.361/.540 for Triple-A Toledo, .245/.327/.408 for Detroit. Will hit homers and draw walks, won't hit for average.
3) Danny Worth, SS, Grade B-
     .254/.331/.386 for Double-A Erie. I tihnk he's capable of better. Currently on the DL at Triple-A Toledo.
4) Yorman Bazardo, RHP, Grade C+
    6.42 ERA with 66/36 K/BB in 102 innings, 132 hits for Toledo. Obviously terrible. Ground ball tendency not enough to save him.
5) Michael Hollimon, INF, Grade C+
     .223/.308/.465 for Toledo, .261/.280/.565 in 11 major league games. Has power and draws walks, strikes out so much that batting average and OBP are problems.
6) Charlie Furbush, LHP, Grade C+
     Hasn't pitched this year due to Tommy John.
7) Brandon Hamilton, RHP, Grade C+
     5.01 ERA with 22/28 K/BB in 32 innings in the Midwest League. Now in the GCL, 1.67 ERA with 24/7 K/BB in 27 innings is much better. Good long-term potential but a long way off. 
8) Duane Below, LHP, Grade C+
     4.06 ERA with 105/55 K/BB in 113 innings, 115 hits allowed for Lakeland. Doing OK, command needs to be improved.
9) James Skelton, C, Grade C+
      .305/.467/.405 with 14 steals for Lakeland, just promoted to Erie where he is 3-for-13 so far. Draws lots of walks, unusual speed for a catcher, no power.
10) Casey Crosby, LHP, Grade C+
       Rehabbing from Tommy John.
11) Diek Scram, OF, Grade C+
       .249/.336/.389 with 13 steals for Erie. Could be a fourth outfielder if he can boost the hitting more.
12) Scott Sizemore, 2B, Grade C+
       .286/.365/.409 with 14 steals for Lakeland, has been on the DL since early June with broken hamate.
13) Francisco Cruceta, RHP, Grade C
       2.90 ERA with 43/16 K/BB in 31 innings for Toledo, 5.40 ERA with 11/10 K/BB in 12 innings for the Tigers. He's always had the stuff, needs the command to go with it.
14) Jordan Tata, RHP, Grade C
       10.31 ERA with 16/23 K/BB in 18 innings for Lakeland. Made six starts in the GCL, with 2.83 ERA but 18/18 K/BB in 29 innings. Horrendous command this year.
15) Clay Rapada, LHP, Grade C
       2.96 ERA with 33/13 K/BB in 24 innings for Toledo, 4.30 ERA with 12/7 K/BB in 15 innings for the Tigers. LOOGY.
16) Cale Iorg, SS, Grade C
       .257/.331/.401 with 18 steals for Lakeland. Poor plate discipline with 29 walks but 96 strikeouts in 327 at-bats.
17) Brett Jensen, RHP, Grade C 
      4.00 ERA with 6/1 K/BB in 9 innings for Erie. On DL since May.
18) Clete Thomas, OF, Grade C
       .259/.336/.436 with 22 steals for Toledo, .284/.366/.405 in 40 games for the Tigers. Looks like he can be a useful player but not a star.
19) Brent Clevlen, OF, Grade C
       .297/.383/.542 for Toledo. Clevlen needs to decide if he sucks or not. He's been horrible some years and really good other years. Back on the good track now. Can he stay there? I have no clue.
20) Noah Krol, RHP, Grade C
       4.20 ERA with 41/26 K/BB in 41 innings, 11 saves, 31 hits allowed for West Michigan. Eh....gets grounders but needs better command.

Not an impressive system. Aside from Porcello, there is not much to get excited about here as trades ripped the guts out of the system over the past two years. They really need to hope the 2008 draft helps things out.