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Shadow Twins Fake Farm System Top 20 in Review

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To finish up the Top 20 Reviews, here is a look at my Shadow Twins Farm System, consisting of players I picked for my Fake Twins System in the Shadow Amateur Draft that I've been doing since 1996, in real-time since 2002. More info here and here.

1)  Brandon Wood, SS, Arizona HS  (1st round 2003), Grade B+
      .297/.367/.600 for Triple-A Salt Lake, .125/.164/.188 for the Angels. He would have likely played third base for a Shadow Twins team this year.
2)  Lars Anderson, 1B, California HS  (1st round 2006), Grade B+
       .327/.419/.541 combined between Class A and Double-A. Would begin 2009 in Triple-A for Shadow Twins. Would be DH of the future with Morneau at first base.
3)  Tyler Robertson, LHP, California HS (3rd round 2006), Grade B+
       2.72 ERA with 73/31 K/BB in 83 innings for Class A Fort Myers before going on DL with shoulder trouble. Status depends on health.
4)  Brett Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington  (3rd round 2005), Grade B
       .219/.297/.328 with 21 steals for Triple-A Richmond, .208/.236/.358 in the majors.
5)  Jon Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona  (4th round 2005), Grade B
       4.97 ERA with 99/60 K/BB in 105 innings for Triple-A Las Vegas, 119 hits allowed. Traded to Indians in real life who have moved him back to relief. I would not have done the starter conversion in the first place.
6)  Michael Bowden, RHP, Illinois HS (1st round Supp 2005) Grade B
      Combined 2.54 ERA with 124/29 K/BB in 138 innings between Double-A and Triple-A, 106 hits allowed. Would being 2009 in Triple-A for my Shadow system, with chance to start later in the year if someone gets hurt.        
7)  Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame (14th round 2006) Grade B
       2.86 with 63/20 K/BB in 79 innings in Class A, 4.93 ERA with 51/19 K/BB in 66 innings in Double-A, 83 hits allowed. Still has a chance but Double-A transition not easy.
8)  Glen Perkins, LHP, University of Minnesota (1st round 2004) Grade B-
      4.07 ERA with 56/29 K/BB in 111 innings, 129 hits allowed in Twins rotation.
9)  Jason Pridie, OF, Arizona HS (1st round Supp. 2002) Grade C+
       Note that I actually drafted Pridie out of high school, I did not have to acquire him in a trade. .281/.317/.452 with 24 steals in Triple-A. Poor plate discipline but lotsa tools.
10)  Brian Friday, SS, Rice (2nd round 2007) Grade C+
        .290/.366/.388 for Class A Lynchburg. Might not hit quite enough to be the real shortstop of the future, but I like him.
11)  Danny Valencia, 3B, University of Miami-Florida (19th round 2006) Grade C+
       .336/.402/.518 for Class A Fort Myers, .275/.320/.412 for Double-A New Britain. Plate discipline and strikeouts the issue right now.
12)  Damon Sublett, 2B, Wichita State (6th round 2007) Grade C+
         .263/.364/.375 for Class A Tampa before getting injured in May. I liked the pairing of Sublett and Friday in the Shadow Universe Florida State League affiliate middle infield.
13)  Justin Orenduff, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth (1st round 2004) Grade C+
         6.95 ERA with 86/62 K/BB in 101 innings, 136 hits for Triple-A Las Vegas. in the Shadow Universe he would be at Triple-A Rochester and the translated numbers wouldn't look quite as bad on the surface due to the better pitching environment, but still disappointing.
14)   Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M (3rd round 2005) Grade C+
        3.19 ERA with 37/22 K/BB in 31 innings, 16 hits combined between Class A Tampa and Double-A Trenton. Still like the strikeouts.
15)  Nevin Griffith, RHP, Florida HS (1st round 2007) Grade C+
        Got hit by a line drive on his throwing elbow in his third short-season start back in June. White Sox have been very cautious about bringing him back.
16)  Dustin Richardson, LHP, Texas Tech (5th round 2006) Grade C+
        7.03 ERA with 90/48 K/BB in 88 innings in Double-A. Big disappointment.
17)  Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts (1st round 2005) Grade C+
         2.85 ERA with 50/12 K/BB in 79 innings for Double-A Mobile, 5.37 ERA with 32/15 K/BB in 60 innings for Triple-A Tucson. Throws strikes and knows how to pitch, but doesn't throw as hard as he did before labrum injury.
18)  Daryl Thompson, RHP, Maryland HS (7th round 2003) Grade C
        Meteoric rise in Reds system this year, then hurt his arm. I love it when guys like this make good. He was one of those gut-feeling guys when i drafted him out of high school.
19)  Leo Rosales, RHP, Cal State Northridge, (19th round 2003) Grade C
       4.08 ERA with 27/13 k/BB in 35 innings for Tucson, 3.63 ERA with 15/9 K/BB in 22 innings for the Diamondbacks. I drafted Rosales because I saw him pitch in college and liked what I saw. This is another one I am glad to drafted.
20) David Newmann, LHP, Texas A&M (3rd round 2007), Grade C
        Blew out knee in spring training.

Overall I think the Shadow Farm system is in good shape. The 2008 class looks good on paper, too.