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Tim Alderson or Madison Bumgarner, Discussion

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I am away on family matters this weekend, so here is a discussion question to keep you busy.

Of the two young Giants pitchers drafted in 2007, who would you rather have now for your own organization? Tim Alderson or Madison Bumgarner?

Alderson is 7-3, 3.13 with a 71/27 K/BB in 86 innings for San Jose in the California League, with 79 hits allowed, just one homer given up, and a 1.11 GO/AO. He's extremely polished and is thriving in a full-season advanced A league one year out of high school.

Bumgarner has been even better, 8-2, 1.77 with an 86/14 K/BB in 76 innings with 61 hits allowed for Augusta in the Sally League, three homers allowed, 0.90 GO/AO. He's not as polished as Alderson and is pitching at a lower level, but he's been dominant and has shown a better breaking ball (the big question for him on draft day) this year, granted the scouting reports I have indicate it still needs some work. The polish issue is relative: Alderson is still more advanced, but Bumgarner has turned out to have more polish than anticipated.

So, who do you go with here? Bumgarner has a higher physical upside. Does that clinch it for you? But it's not like Alderson is a soft-tosser, his stuff is above average, too. And success in the Cal League at age 19 is a big positive.

Who would you rather have for your farm system? And if you were the Giants, how quickly are  you willing to move each of them up? Perhaps a comparison would be easier if Bumgarner gets promoted to San Jose and pitches alongside Alderson for awhile. Is Alderson ready for Double-A? Or would that be too much too fast? Lots to consider here, lots to discuss. Have at it.