Organizational Prospect Depth Chart

A good way to see an Organization's real strength is to look at what it has and what it does not. An organization may look strong with top prospects, for example, but if the are all at one position, it definitely hurts quite a bit; a system full for good 1B prospects is kind of useless, after all, when all you really need is one or two of them in the Majors.

So give your Organization's Prospect Depth Chart.

  • Limit your players to True and Top Prospects, leaving out what is commonly regarded as organizational filler or injury depth.
  • You may use players that are in the majors as long as they have less than 1 Year of MLB Service Time.
  • List the player's Position, Age, Current Playing Level (Rk, SS, A, A+, AA, AAA, MLB).
  • If possible, provide the players Batting or Pitching line for the levels they've played in this year, along with their # of AB's or IP.
  • Feel free to assign reasonable grades to the prospects (using John Sickle's Prospect Grades might be a good idea), as well as any comments or information on the prospect, such as upside or probability of sticking at that position.


  • Catcher
  • First Base/Designated Hitter
  • Second Base
  • Third Base
  • Short Stop
  • Corner Outfield
  • Center field
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Relief Pitcher/Closer


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