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Seattle Mariners Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This was originally posted December 28, 2007. THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE OLD LIST!!!!  THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Adam Jones, OF, Grade B+
     Traded to Baltimore, hitting .281/.325/.407 for the Orioles. Plate discipline has held him back somewhat.
2) Jeff Clement, C, Grade B+
      Hit .337/.457/.680 in Triple-A, but just .171/.258/.342 with the Mariners so far. I think he'll be fine in the long run.
3) Carlos Triunfel, SS, Grade B+
      Hitting .270/.320/.373 for Class A High Desert. That's not very good, but remember he is just 18 years old.
4) Chris Tillman, RHP, Grade B+
     Traded to Baltimore. 3.11 ERA with 94/48 K/BB in 93 innings for Double-A Bowie. Doing quite well, looks like an excellent prospect given his age at this level.
5) Wladimir Balentien, OF, Grade B+
     .259/.360/.578 for Triple-A Tacoma, .196/.265/.346 in 32 games for the Mariners. Capable of much better. Perhaps he needs a change of scenery.
6) Tony Butler, LHP, Grade B-
      Traded to Baltimore. 4.42 ERA with 44/11 K/BB in 55 innings for Delmarva in the Sally League. Went on the DL in June. A good prospect if healthy, but that's a big if.
7) Phillippe Aumont, RHP, Grade B-
      2.62 ERA with 43/13 K/BB in 45 innings for Class A Wisconsin. Good stats, great stuff, but on the DL since early June.
8) Juan Ramirez, RHP, Grade C+
      4.66 ERA with 75/28 K/BB in 85 innings for Wisconsin, 78 hits allowed. HIs components are better than the ERA.
9) Greg Halman, OF, Grade C+
     .268/.320/.572 with 23 steals for High Desert led to promotion to Double-A, where he is at .283/.321/.512 in 30 games. Strike zone judgment is horrible but his tools are so good that he's performing well despite that handicap.
10) Nick Hill, LHP, Grade C+
       4.79 ERA with 57/26 K/BB in 73 innings for High Desert, 85 hits allowed. Not particularly impressive.
11) Adam Moore, C, Grade C+
      .313/.384/.488 with 10 homers for Double-A West Tennessee, some solid performance here.
12) Kuo Hui Lo, OF, Grade C+ 
      .261/.322/.430 with 17 steals for High Desert. Not great numbers for this context. A sleeper call that may not pan out.
13) Matt Mangini, 3B, Grade C+
      .265/.376/.431 at High Desert, .226/.264/.248 at West Tennessee. Not good at all, plate discipline has collapsed in Double-A.
14) Carlos Peguero, OF, Grade C+ 
       .299/.317/.480 with 10 walks and 96 strikeouts for High Desert. Strong power potential but another bad strike zone judgment guy.
15) Michael Saunders, OF, Grade C+
      .290/.375/.484 for Double-A West Tennessee, .205/.271/.346 at Triple-A Tacoma. Good tools, but once again marginal strike zone judgment is an issue.
16) Robert Rohrbaugh, LHP, Grade C+
       5.51 ERA witih 68/27 K/BB in 85 innings, 98 hits allowed for Tacoma. Not very good. May not pan out as more than a Quadruple-A guy.
17) Yung Chi Chen, 2B, Grade C+
        .248/.309/.329 for Tacoma. Quite disappointing, doesn't look like he's going to hit enough.
18) Austin Bibens Dirkx, RHP, Grade C
       Total collapse at High Desert, 8.36 ERA With 27/14 K/BB and 51 hits allowed in 37 innings.
19) Ryan Rowland-Smith, LHP, Grade C
        3.44 ERA with 42/25 K/BB in 55 innings for the Mariners. Doing quite well and should have a nice career as a bullpen arm/spot starter.
20) Matt Tuiasosopo, 3B, Grade C
      .259/.349/.399 for Tacoma. Not much to get excited about, lacks the power for third base.

This is a farm system with some issues. Poor strike zone judgment seems a common thread among the position players. Halman could end up being a spectacular player....or he could be a mediocre hitter who never puts his tools to full use. It's too early to tell for certain.