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Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was posted Christmas Eve, 2007. Remember, this is a REVIEW OF THE OLD LIST. IT IS NOT A NEW LIST!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Grade A
    1.91 ERA with 59/19 K/BB in 61 innings for Double-A Jacksonville, went 0-2, 4.42 with 33/24 K/BB in 39 innings for the Dodgers. Clearly elite, best pitching prospect in baseball.
2) Andy LaRoche, 3B, Grade A-
      Injuries an issue, hit .284/.439/.411 in the minors, .200/.322/.340 in the majors so far. Still has that terrific strike zone judgment.
3) James McDonald, RHP, Grade B+
     3.01 ERA with 106/38 K/BB in 108 innings in Double-A, 88 hits allowed. Everything looking good, main concern is strong fly ball tendency.
4) Chin-Lung Hu, SS, Grade B
     Hit .159/.224/.206 in 49 games for the Dodgers, no consistent playing time. Just sent back to Triple-A.
5) Jonathan Meloan, RHP, Grade B
     4,97 ERA with 99/60 K/BB in 105 innings, 119 hits allowed at Triple-A Las Vegas. Conversion to starting from relief is going OK, command an issue.
6) Dewlyn Young, OF, Grade B-
     Hitting .248/.319/.333 on the Dodgers bench. Capable of much better if he ever gets to play.
7) Chris Withrow, RHP, Grade B-
     Hasn't pitched this year due to a sore elbow.
8) Scott Elbert, LHP, Grade C+
     2.33 ERA with 24/14 K/BB in 27 innings for Double-A Jacksonville, 14 hits allowed. Durability still a concern, as is command.
9) Blake DeWitt, 3B, Grade C+ 
     Cooled down after hot start, hitting .255/.322/.360 for the Dodgers.
10) Andrew Lambo, 1B, Grade C+
      Impressive production in the Midwest League, hitting .293/.350/.486 for Great Lakes.
11) Pedro Baez, 3B, Grade C+
      Hit just .178/.244/.259 in the Midwest League, leading to demotion to the Pioneer League. Doing better there, .315/.344/.532 for Ogden, though with poor plate discipline.
12) Josh Bell, 3B, Grade C+
      .273/.373/.455 for Inland Empire in the California League. OK but not a breakout performance. 
13) Ivan DeJesus, SS, Grade C+ 
      .302/.408/.369 with 11 steals, 57 walks, 57 strikeouts in 325 at-bats in Double-A. Speed, plate discipline, good defense, not much power.
14) James Adkins, LHP, Grade C+ 
       5.34, 75/38 K/BB in 88 innings for Inland Empire, 106 hits allowed. Disappointing performance from a polished college pitcher.
15) Xavier Paul, OF, Grade C+
       .301/.366/.438 with 14 steals in 18 attempst for Las Vegas. Still projects as a fourth outfielder.
16) Justin Orenduff, RHP, Grade C+
       6.78 ERA with 71/49 K/BB in 81 innings, 104 hits allowed for Las Vegas. Seems overmatched in the PCL. Perhaps a switch to relief would help.
17) Austin Gallagher, 3B, Grade C
        .317/.361/.491 for Inland Empire. Poor strike zone judgment, but young for the league at 19.
18) Jamie Hoffman, OF, Grade C
        .288/.364/.415 with 20 steals in 26 attempts for Jacksonville. Speed and OBP are nice, has a bit of pop.
19) Jaime Pedroza, SS, Grade C
        .291/.352/.439 with 15 steals in 24 attempts for Inland Empire. Holding his own, plate discipline might be troublesome at next level. 
20) Ramon Troncoso, RHP, Grade C
       4.99 ERA with 18/16 K/BB in 31 innings for Vegas, 4.32 ERA with 19/6 K/BB in 17 innings for the Dodgers. Extreme ground ball pitcher. If he throws strikes, will be very useful.

Typical up and down movement among the prospects. Kershaw looks great, but LaRoche's stock has dropped and perhaps he needs a change of scenery. Hu and Young need at-bats that they aren't likely to get for the Dodgers.