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More Draft Thoughts

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On the radio show today we have Jim Duquette in the first segment and Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus in the second segment, obviously to talk about the draft.

Some thoughts....

Rumors in Kansas City strongly indicate that the Royals will do everything they can to sign Tim Melville. The Moore Administration is making a huge pitch for young high school pitching in this draft....they did the same thing last year....obviously trying to build on the Atlanta model of organization development. To sign both Hosmer AND Melville would be a huge coup.

Mets fifth round pick Dock Doyle, a catcher from Coastal Carolina, looks like a sleeper to me and was one of my favorite Shadow Draft candidates. I'm less impressed with Mets fourth round pick Sean Ratliff, out of Stanford. He's got great power but the extremely high strikeout rate worries me.

I like Michigan shortstop Jason Christian in the fifth round for Oakland. Nice choice. Another fifth round pick to watch is Mike Sheridan, William and Mary first baseman drafted by Tampa Bay.