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Well today is Draft Eve. My day is being spent prepping for tomorrow's live draft radio show on XM....I'm providing color commentary on the picks, so I have to have my crayons lined up correctly. I am also updating the Rotowire player database to make updates easier tomorrow on draft day. And of course I'm finalizing my Twins Shadow Draft list as well.

Tons of rumors flying about this morning. Reportedly, the Rays are still undecided about who to pick number one, with Tim Beckham and Buster Posey both under strong consideration. Alvarez to the Pirates at two still seems to be on tap, but no one seems to know what the Royals are going to do...could be Hosmer, could be Posey (if available) according to John Manuel at Baseball America. I heard a strong Dan Schlereth to the Astros rumor yesterday.

Use this thread to play out the different scenarios. I will have some final thoughts this evening.