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More Draft Thinking

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So if the Hosmer/Royals rumors pan out, that would certainly alter the rest of the first round. Would it look something like this then?

1) Rays: Tim Beckham, SS, Georgia HS: No change
2) Pirates: Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Vanderbilt: No change
3) Royals: Eric Hosmer, 1B, Florida HS: Will Royals meet Boras asking price?
4) Orioles: Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego: I still think this is a good fit
5) Giants: Buster Posey: C, Florida State: Would be easier to fit into the lineup long-term than Smoak.
6) Marlins: Kyle Skipworth, C, California HS: No change
7) Reds: Aaron Crow, RHP, Missouri: No Change.
8) White Sox: Gordon Beckham, SS, Georgia: No Change.
9) Nationals: Justin Smoak, 1B, South Carolina: Someone has to fall. Could it be Smoak?
10) Astros: Christian Friedrich, LHP, Eastern Kentucky: no change. Late rumor has Dan Schlereth going here.
11) Rangers: Aaron Hicks, RHP-OF, California HS: Tools and arm strength? Would the Rangers do this?

Then things could pan out as stated before. If Schlereth does go 10, that would shake a lot of things up.