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Here is my pseudo-prediction for the first round of the draft. I'm trying to find the right balance between known team interest in these players, past organizational philosophy, and both best-player-avaialble and team needs. I'll push this to the supplemental round and see how things to.

1) Rays: Tim Beckham, SS, Georgia HS: Seems like the most logical pick to me.
2) Pirates: Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Vanderbilt: Pirates prove they are willing to spend $$.
3) Royals: Buster Posey, C, Florida State: Royals opt for close-to-ready bat.
4) Orioles: Brian Matusz, LHP, San Diego: Can't pass him up.
5) Giants: Justin Smoak, 1B, South Carolina: Excellent bat, close to ready.
6) Marlins: Kyle Skipworth, C, California HS: The rumors make sense to me.
7) Reds: Aaron Crow, RHP, Missouri: Best player available.
8) White Sox: Gordon Beckham, SS, Georgia: System thin on hitting could use him.
9) Nationals: Aaron Hicks, RHP, California HS: Nats decide he's a pitcher. 
10) Astros: Christian Friedrich, LHP, Eastern Kentucky: Astros opt for "safe" college pitcher.
11) Rangers: Eric Hosmer, 1B, Florida HS: Rangers shell out big bucks.
12) Athletics: Brett Wallace, 3B, Arizona State: Classic Oakland pick.
13) Cardinals: Tim Melville, RHP, Missouri HS: Cards opt for high-quality local talent.
14) Twins: Brett Lawrie, INF, Canada HS: Twins pick cold-weather bat, hoping for another Morneau and worried that he won't last to 27..
15) Dodgers: Ethan Martin, RHP, Georgia HS: Best high school pitcher still on board tempts Dodgers; he fits their mold.
16) Brewers: Josh Fields, RHP, Georgia: Should help in the majors quickly.
17) Blue Jays: Yonder Alonso, 1B, Miami: Would be a steal at this slot and I think he's got a good chance to fall here.
18) Mets: Jason Castro, C, Stanford: Should reach the majors quickly, solid all-around.
19) Cubs: Casey Kelly, SS, Florida HS: Cubs will pay the premium.
20) Mariners: Anthony Hewitt, INF, Connecticut HS: Mariners can't resist his tools.
21) Tigers: Shooter Hunt, RHP, Tulane: Tigers feel they receive a steal here.
22) Mets: Andrew Cashner, RHP, TCU: Mets opt for another safe, affordable pick to pair with Castro.
23) Padres: Ryan Perry, RHP, Arizona: Will get a chance to start but ends up in bullpen eventually.
24) Phillies: Zach Collier, OF, California HS: He's toolsy like the Phils like, and not quite as raw as some they have drafted in the past.
25) Rockies: Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Illinois HS: Rockies have a known interest in him.
26) Diamondbacks: Gerrit Cole, RHP, California HS: Arizona can't resist his arm strength at this slot.
27) Twins: Conor Gillaspie, 3B, Wichita State: Twins opt for gritty midwest option to help third base situation.
28) Yankees: Brett Devall, LHP, Florida HS: Money not an object, Yanks take projectable lefty.
29) Indians: Chris Carpenter, RHP, Kent State: Sneaks into first round on arm strength and affordability.
30) Red Sox: Reese Havens, SS, South Carolina: Fits their philosophy well and they are known to love him.

31) Twins: Jemile Weeks, 2B, Miami: pairs nicely with Gillaspie in future Twins infield.
32) Brewers: Wade Miley, LHP, Southeastern Louisiana: live arm lefty can't be resisted.
33) Mets: Ike Davis, OF, Arizona State: Mets pick up third college pick, Davis is a potential steal here.
34) Phillies: Mike Montgomery, LHP, California HS: pairs with Collier to provide two fine California preps.
35) Brewers: Tyler Stovall, LHP, Alabama HS: young pitcher to mix with two college guys ahead of him. 
36) Royals: Tyler Sample, RHP, Colorado HS: Royals return to recent high school orientation with this pick.
37) Giants: Isaac Galloway, OF, California HS: Giants can't resist toolsy athlete. 
38) Astros: Ross Seaton, RHP, Texas HS: Astros snare local talent.
39) Cardinals: Dan Schlereth, LHP, Arizona: Successful college pitcher with high strikeout rate attracts Cardinals.
40) Braves: Zeke Spruill, RHP, Georgia HS: Perfect fit for Braves.
41) Cubs: Robbie Ross, LHP, Kentucky HS: Young lefty arm proves hard to resist.
42) Padres: Allan Dykstra, 1B, Wake Forest: Local guy, good track record hitting well for a weak college team.
43) Diamondbacks: David Cooper, 1B, California: D-backs can't believe he falls this far but he does.
44) Yankees: Kyle Lobstein, LHP, Arizona HS: Combines with DeVall to give Yanks two young lefties, if they spend the money to sign them.
45) Red Sox: Scott Gorgen, RHP, UC Irvine: Statheads would love this pick.  
46) Padres: Tim Murphy, LHP, UCLA: Like Perry, he gets a chance to start but ends up in bullpen eventually.