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Shadow Twins Thoughts

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Working on my draft board, and looking at my Shadow Twins Farm System and thinking ahead to the draft, I'd like to concentrate on getting some position players and impact hitters into the system this time. Yes, yes, I know, "don't draft for need," "best player available," etc.

The Twins draft 14th, 27, and 31st, a chance to get some nice talent flow into the system. I don't know what the Real Twins will do at this point, but I'll try to have some suggestions about that later this month. For my Shadow Twins, I would LOVE it if Kyle Skipworth, Buster Posey, Tanner Scheppers, or Gordon Beckham (four particular favorites) would drop to 14, but will that happen? I kind of doubt it. at this point. What about this?

14) Jemile Weeks, 2B

27) Ike Davis, OF-1B

31) Reese Havens, SS

Any chance of that happening?

Further thoughts: the failure rate of early-round pitchers compared to hitters is such that I'm leaning against drafting pitchers in the first round unless I'm REALLY sure of them. I overdrafted Nevin Griffith last year and don't want to repeat that. If Scheppers was there at 14 I'd snare him, as I really like him a great deal, but I'm not sure about the other pitchers likely to be around at mid-first-round.