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San Antonio Vs. Tulsa Notes

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Saw the three-game set between San Antonio and Tulsa Sunday through Tuesday. I took about 20 pictures, but all but one came out too blurry to be useable. I really don't understand this camera, I suppose...when you take the picture it looks very sharp in the screen, but then I find that with one exception they call came out blurry. I have some blurry images of Will Inman and Brandon Hynick that I will go ahead and post at the bottom of this article, but here is a non-blurry photo of Dexter Fowler:


I will be sending a longer and more detailed report to newsletter subscribers tomorrow, but here are some tidbits about particular prospects

Dexter Fowler, OF, Tulsa: Terrific athlete, I'd give him a 65 on speed. Swing looks a big long, some vulnerability to breaking pitches and perhaps fastballs in. However, he is not nearly as punchless as some speedsters, and also makes a good effort to work the count. Very graceful in the field. Will lay down a bunt, but also a threat for extra bases.

Chris Nelson: SS, Tulsa: Aside from one bonehead Roger Dorn-like "ole" defensive miscue, he looked very good defensively, strong arm in particular. With the bat, has good bat speed, but chases fastballs up and in as well as breaking balls away. Will definitely need adjustment time at this level.

Brandon Hynick, RHP, Tulsa:: Hit hard yesterday. Fastball at 86-88 on my gun, was having trouble locating it. Curveball and changeup also mediocre, and he wasn't fooling anyone. Appeared to get frustrated with the plate umpire who looked like he was squeezing both pitchers, especially early in the game. Usually missed low in the strike zone.

Casey Weathers, RHP, Tulsa:  93-95 fastball, with a very good, though erratic, slider. He missed high with the slider a couple of times but he had so much movement on the fastball that the hitters couldn't do much with him.

Will Inman, RHP, San Antonio: Fastball ranged from 87 to 92. Mixed in curveball, slider, and changeup. Like Hynick, he was getting squeezed on close calls but it didn't appear to annoy him quite as much as it did Hynick, at least early in the game. Gave up a long homer to Dan Carte on a hanging breaking ball. Secondary stuff was more impressive than Hynick's.

Chad Huffman, OF, San Antonio: Stocky build, good pop, worked the count well, showed the ability to hit to the opposite field. Runs better than I expected, especially once underway.

OK here are some mediocre picks of Hynick and Inman. First Hynick



Now Inman