Tim Lincecum's 3/12/08 Outing

It's hard to tell as much as one would like from listening to an outing on the radio, and I probably wouldn't even have mentioned Tim Lincecum's outing today.

Except that it was a bad one.  Six hits, two walks and one hbp in two innings can't be too good.

Here are the silver linings (which don't take away from a rough outing):

.  12 first-pitch strikes out of 15 batters.

.  39 strikes (66%) on 59 pitches.

.  Four strike outs and one ground out in two innings.

.  Curve and change seemed to be working well, but I'm guessing the fastball was being hit when Tim left it up in the zone.

I am leaving for the Phoenix area tomorrow night, so I'm hoping I will get to see Tim pitch on Sunday.  If not, he will likely pitch on Monday, a game that will be on