Pearce Becomes Full-time Outfielder

Just read this in the ESPN Spring blog:

"Steve Pearce was the Pirates' top prospect at first base -- until Monday. The position figures to be filled long-term by Adam LaRoche.

Welcome to right field, Mr. Pearce. Left field, too.

Left fielder Jason Bay and right fielder Xavier Nady are likely to be the Pirates' most-sought position players in possible trades this season.

So, now the Pirates want Pearce ready to go. That means he's now a full-time outfielder. First base, his natural position, is on hold.
-- The Associated Press"

 What do you all this of this move? Do they try harder to move Bay or Nady now? Which one do you think goes first, and is this a good move? Is there any chance they keep Bay and Nady and trade LaRoche instead?