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Top Prospects of 2003

2003 was the first year I did a 50/50 list, Top 50 hitters and Top 50 pitchers. I decided to separate them since they are two different species that have to be judged in different ways. I find that when I split them up like that, I thought I did a better job of judging them. Pitches and hitters are valued and analyzed so differently, I think it works better this way. I know some disagree, but I like the system.

This list is hard to judge since so many of these players are still building their careers. Win Shares is just a way to put into one number what they have done so far. Its's not a perfect statistic. Obviously 15 years from now the WS totals will be much different.

  1. Mark Teixeira, 3B, Grade A, 104 win shares
  2. Joe Mauer, C, 82 win shares
  3. Victor Martinez, C, 97 win shares
  4. Brandon Phillips, SS, 37 win shares
  5. Mike Cuddyer, OF, 60 win shares
  6. Jose Reyes, SS, 87 win shares
  7. Hee Seop Choi, 1B, 26 win shares
  8. Scott Hairston, 2B, Grade A-, 9 win shares
  9. Miguel Cabrera, 3B, 127 win shares
  10. Travis Hafner, 1B, 98 win shares
  11. Jason Stokes, 1B, ruined by injuries
  12. Justin Morneau, 1B, 65 win shares
  13. Casey Kotchman, 1B, 21 win shares
  14. Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, 46 win shares
  15. Marlon Byrd, OF, Grade B+, 44 win shares
  16. Jose Lopez, SS, 33 win shares
  17. Jeff Mathis, C, 2 win shares, disappointing bat
  18. Lyle Overbay, 1B, 68 win shares
  19. Juan Rivera, OF, 47 win shares
  20. Jose Castillo, SS, 26 win shares
  21. John Buck, C, 31 win shares
  22. Laynce Nix, OF, bad plate discipline crippled his chances
  23. Shin-Soo Choo, OF, 5 win shares, played well in 2006 for the Indians
  24. Jayson Werth, OF, 38 win shares
  25. Rocco Baldelli, OF, 45 win shares
  26. David Wright, 3B, 103 win shares
  27. Khalil Greene, SS, 71 win shares
  28. Bobby Crosby, SS, 36 win shares
  29. Justin Huber, C, may get trapped in Triple-A
  30. John-Ford Griffin, OF, Triple-A slugger
  31. Hanley Ramirez, SS, 54 win shares
  32. Brendan Harris, INF, 14 win shares
  33. Chris Snelling, OF, injuries
  34. Xavier Nady, OF, 40 win shares
  35. Ken Harvey, 1B, 15 win shares then vanished, injuries, too fat, bad glove
  36. Todd Linden, OF, 7 win shares, generally disappointing
  37. Jeremy Brown, C, Triple-A catcher
  38. Brad Nelson, 1B, minor league slugger, injuries, could still contribute
  39. Kevin Youkilis, 3B, 53 win shares
  40. Jason Pridie, OF, will get to play this year in Minnesota
  41. Jake Gautreau, 2B, stuck in the minors
  42. Mike Restovich, OF, Triple-A slugger, never got a real chance
  43. Joe Thurston, 2B, Grade B, in the minors
  44. Tony Alvarez, OF, 1 win share, topped out in Triple-A
  45. Chad Tracy, 3B, 52 win shares
  46. Wilson Betemit, SS, 22 win shares
  47. Josh Hamilton, OF, 13 win shares
  48. Joe Borchard, OF, bust
  49. Jason Lane, OF, 32 win shares
  50. Russ Adams, INF, 16 win shares
Top 50 Pitchers
  1. Jesse Foppert, RHP, Grade A-, 2 win shares, ruined by injuries
  2. Francisco Rodriguez, RHP, 63 win shares
  3. Rich Harden, RHP, 37 win shares
  4. Jerome Williams, RHP, 20 win shares, then lost velocity, stagnated
  5. Kurt Ainsworth, RHP, injuries
  6. Rafael Soriano, RHP, 24 win shares
  7. Adam Wainwright, RHP, 24 win shares
  8. Gavin Floyd, RHP, 2 win shares, struggled to establish himself
  9. Jeremy Bonderman, RHP, Grade B+, 40 win shares
  10. Scott Kazmir, LHP, 45 win shares
  11. Ricardo Rodriguez, RHP, 7 win shares, injuries, inconsistency
  12. Aaron Heilman, RHP, 26 win shares
  13. Macay McBride, LHP, 4 win shares, looking for a role
  14. Brian Tallet, LHP, 11 win shares
  15. Billy Traber, LHP, 4 win shares
  16. Colby Lewis, RHP, 2 win shares, major command issues
  17. Jason Arnold, RHP, lost velocity, topped out in Triple-A
  18. Clint Nageotte, RHP, control problems
  19. Ryan Hannaman, LHP, injuries
  20. John VanBenschoten, RHP, injuries
  21. Kris Honel, RHP, injuries, loss of velocity, etc.
  22. Ben Kozlowski, LHP, injuries, a good Triple-A pitcher though
  23. Jason Young, RHP, injuries
  24. Sean Burnett, LHP, injuries
  25. Jon Figueroa, LHP, injuries
  26. Joel Hanrahan, RHP, erratic career, still trying to get established
  27. Boof Bonser, RHP, 11 win shares
  28. Johan (Ervin) Santana, RHP, 23 win shares
  29. Andy Sisco, LHP, 7 win shares in '05 then fell apart with control problems
  30. Bobby Basham, RHP, injuries
  31. Angel Guzman, RHP, injuries, still trying to get established
  32. Joe Valentine, RHP, control problems
  33. Seong Song, RHP, Triple-A pitcher
  34. Franklyn German, RHP, 7 win shares
  35. Dontrelle Willis, LHP, 71 win shares
  36. Don Levinski, RHP, injuries
  37. Dewon Brazelton, RHP, 2 win shares
  38. Dustin McGowan, RHP, 11 win shares
  39. Zach Greinke, RHP, 24 win shares
  40. John Patterson, RHP, Grade B, 19 win shares
  41. Kenny Nelson, RHP, lost velocity
  42. Cliff Lee, LHP, 35 win shares
  43. Jimmy Gobble, LHP, 19 win shares
  44. Andrew Brown, RHP, 4 win shares
  45. Mike Nicolas, RHP, disappeared due to control problems, injuries
  46. Luke Hagerty, LHP, injuries
  47. John Rheinecker, LHP, 3 win shares
  48. Taylor Buchholz, RHP, 5 win shares
  49. Travis Foley, RHP, a good Double-A reliever
  50. Mike Gosling, LHP, 2 win shares, injuries