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More Arizona Observations

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Brian Bugosevic, OF, Houston Astros: Converted to the outfield after failing to sustain success as a pitcher. He was a good hitter at Tulane, and he looks like a good hitter now, with a very attractive short swing, good strike zone judgment, and fine overall tools. Not sure about his home run power and he may project best as a fourth outfielder, which is better than being a Double-A pitcher.

Julio Borbon, OF, Texas Rangers: Showing much improved plate discipline and surprising power so far in Arizona. His athleticism and speed are obvious, and he has enough pop in his bat to avoid Gathrightdom. I'm not sure I totally buy into the improved plate discipline yet. I want to see how that holds up against more consistent pitching than he is seeing here.

Ivan DeJesus, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers: Came into Arizona with a reputation for strong defense and a promising bat, but he has looked awful this fall. He has played very sloppy defensively, making frequent mistakes that he normally does not make, and scouts are now questioning his work ethic. He is too young for this to hurt his status badly right now, but he needs to get his head back on straight before spring training.

Kevin Frandsen, SS, San Francisco Giants: Looks healthy which is the important thing after missing the season due to a torn achilles. Line drive bat, hits to the opposite field, hustles, won't have much home run power. Played shortstop down here and looked fine, can handle second base no problem defensively.

Drew Sutton, INF-OF, Houston Astros: Had a terrific Double-A season though he is old for the level. Being groomed as a super-utility type, spending time in the outfield though second and third are his main positions. Not a great athlete, but a "baseball rat" type who is fundamentally sound, hustles, and controls the zone well. I can see him as a .260ish hitter with a bit of pop to go with his defensive versatility.