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Shadow Draft Top 20 FAKE Twins Farm System

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As long-time readers know, I have been doing a Shadow Draft for the Twins each year since 1996 and have built up a fake Twins farm system. You can read more about the background here and here.
Here is the Top 20 Prospects from my Shadow Twins system, with the grade they got in the 2008 Baseball Prospect Book.

1. Brandon Wood, SS, Arizona HS (1st round 2003), Grade B+
2. Lars Anderson, 1B, California HS (1st round 2006), Grade B+
3. Tyler Robertson, LHP, California HS (3rd round 2006), Grade B+
4. Brett Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington (3rd round 2005), Grade B
5. Jon Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona (4th round 2005), Grade B
6. Michael Bowden, RHP, Illinois HS (1st round Supp 2005) Grade B
7. Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame (14th round 2006) Grade B
8. Glen Perkins, LHP, University of Minnesota (1st round 2004) Grade B-
9. Jason Pridie, OF, Arizona HS (1st round Supp. 2002) Grade C+
10. Brian Friday, SS, Rice (2nd round 2007) Grade C+
11. Danny Valencia, 3B, University of Miami-Florida (19th round 2006) Grade C+
12. Damon Sublett, 2B, Wichita State (6th round 2007) Grade C+
13. Justin Orenduff, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth (1st round 2004) Grade C+
14. Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M (3rd round 2005) Grade C+
15. Nevin Griffith, RHP, Florida HS (1st round 2007) Grade C+
16. Dustin Richardson, LHP, Texas Tech (5th round 2006) Grade C+
17. Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts (1st round 2004) Grade C+
18. Daryl Thompson, RHP, Maryland HS (7th round 2003) Grade C
19. Leo Rosales, RHP, Cal State Northridge, (19th round 2003) Grade C
20. David Newmann, LHP, Texas A&M (3rd round 2007), Grade C

I try to be as objective as possible when dealing with any player I have a Shadow Draft interest in, so let me know if any of these look off to you.

Tomorrow, I am going to start a series of posts about Controversial Prospects, starting with Tyler Robertson, so stay tuned.