Top Catching Prospects?

Looking for long-term Victor Martinez replacement

I have Victor Martinez in a keeper league.  Due to a glut of free agents on my team next season, of which I will not be able to keep them all, and my concern that as he gets older he may get moved away from catching to preserve his bat (not because of his D, which is improving, but just to keep him healthy), I am considering trading him.  I use John's book as my prospect bible, but obviously don't have it yet and the guy is looking to make the move soon.  So....what's out there for good catching prospects?  I picked up Montero last season, and I am hoping he takes a step forward this year, but not counting on it.  Ianetta's gone.  What else is out there?  Not real psyched about the Cubs kid, though who knows.  I've sat on enough overhyped duds in the past (Ben Petrick anyone?) that maybe a late bloomer would be good.  Just looking for some thoughts before I decide if I should pull the trigger.  Thanks!

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