MOD I: Blue Jays

The Jays select at #16, 21, 38, 45, 56, 86, 89 in the first two rounds.

For now, let's focus on the picks in the first round.

In the prospect lists that I've seen there's a lot of HS pitchers in the 12-25 range.  Unless someone really drops (Parker, Aumont, Harvey) I'm not sure there's any one I'd be interested in.

Among college pitchers there isn't anyone I'd take at 16.  Perhaps Weathers or Cecil at 21.

Beau Mills is the hitter I really like if he's there.  I'm not crazy about Laporta despite the numbers.  I also like a bunch of the HS hitters if they drop - Moustakas, Heyward, Dominguez, and maybe Burgess. If it sounds like Canham can stick at catcher I'd consider him as well.

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