MOD Yankes

Welcome to the Yankees' Mock Draft Bunker!

The Yanks did not forfeit a first round pick for signing a big name free agent this year, however they also did not receive any compensation picks for departing free agents. It'll be old school 50 picks in the 50 rounds this year, so we'll be picking at #30, #95, #125, #155 and #185 - the last pick of each round.

Chime in and help build the future of the greatest franchise in sports history. We're looking for talent here, no matter where it comes from - high school, major college program, tiny little D-III school, whatever.

I'll need an assistant scouting director to help boil down tough decisions, fill in on draft day in case of some unexpected circumstance, stuff like that.

Exactly 3 weeks to draft, so let's get down to work, and most of all, let's have fun!  

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