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Mike Pelfrey: Thoughts and Community Projection

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A Look at Mike Pelfrey

Mike Pelfrey will take over the Mets fifth starter spot by mid April once the rash of off-days is past. Let's take a look at him, first by beginning with the comment from the book.

For Pelfrey, it all boils down to the breaking ball problem. He has replaced the curveball I saw in college with a slider, and it seems to be working for him. Personally, I'd like to see him get some additional Triple-A time, put the finishing touches on his command, but I say that about almost every young pitcher.

PECOTA is not particularly enamored with Pelfrey. . .comps include some fine pitchers like Jim Clancy, Dan Petry, Freddy Garcia, and Bruce Kison, but also some disappointments like Colby Lewis and Josh Karp. But PECOTA is just one system. Experts like Deric McKamey of Baseball HQ and the various Baseball America folks are more impressed, and my own opinion about Pelfrey is quite positive, although there may be some pro-Midwest bias there in my case.

I would like to do a Community Projection for Pelfrey, see what you guys expect from him. Project:

Games started
Earned Runs
Hits allowed
Homers allowed
Complete games