Rest in Peace Brian Bluhm(aka VTTigers)

If you don't mind John I would like to have this thread in tribute to a great soul. I never met Brian in real life, but we had discussed our love of Tiger baseball and baseball in general numerous times.

Brian was one of the 32 victims today on the Virgina Tech campus. All day we had assumed he was just caught up in the chaos and would let us know he was alright later on. We now find out that will never happen. On this day Brian had his life taken away from him much much too early.

I'm still in a complete state of shock as I write this.

I wasn't sure as to give this out, but I feel for some reason its important to put a face to someone we all knew by name.

This is actually his sisters space, but you will see Brian at the top.

VT words cannot explain how I and everyone who had the privilege of being your acquaintance, will truly and deeply miss you.....

RIP Brother.