* Fantasy Question (Sorry)

I've been reading this site for over a year now to get information for my sim league, but I never had reason to join until now. Sorry it's to post a fantasy thread, but I'm really on the fence about this one and value everyone's input here.

I was offered:
Jon Lester, Christopher Perez (STL RP), Javier Lopez (BOS RP), and Damaso Marte

John Maine & Scott Hairston

I was only planning on using Maine as my 5th SP this coming season. I plan on getting a big time free agent SP to head my rotation, but I also have Jeff Francis, Fausto Carmona, Barry Zito, and Sean Marshall to fill my rotation.

I have Matt Capps, Chad Cordero, Brian Fuentes, Andrew Brown, and Edwar Ramirez (I drafted because of praise I read about him here) as my main bullpen arms right now.

If I do this deal, I replace Maine with Lester as an SP option. Lester walks more batters, but he and Maine are both flyball pitchers (I was only trading Maine to try to get a little more GBish). The loss of Hairston doesn't mean anything to me really, I like his upside, but I have Markakis, Rowand, Carlos Pena, Pedroia, Yunel Escobar, Zimmerman, and Soto right now... so I don't need Hairston's bat in LF much. I plan on using (Redacted) (Got ya Wily!) in LF and leading off.

Should I make this deal? It completes my bullpen, but I think I am taking a stepback in my SP options. Basically... do you all think Maine can keep doing what he has done the past two seasons, or will he finally come back to earth. Also, I play my home games in Camden Yards, which is more hitter friendly than Shea Stadium... since it's a sim league that does mean something.

Thanks for any input I can get.

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