Josh Kroeger redux?

Josh Kroeger sort of re-emerged in 2007 in the Cubs minors.  Given their lineup's "conservative" leanings (almost all rightys), they could really use a reasonable lefty bat.  Do people think he has a chance to be that still?

I know that his age-20 and age-21 seasons (2003 and 2004) were spent in some of the best hitting environments in the minors, but the fact remains that he raked at levels which are normally very challenging for a guy his age:

Age-20 combined stats (Lancaster/El Paso):
.314/.369/.468 (513 AB) - Was GREAT in A+ (305 AB), bad@AA.

Age-21 combined stats (El Paso/Tuscon):
.331/.380/.587 (553 AB) - killed both AA and AAA.

At this point, he made it up to 5th on John's list, and 7th on the BA list for Arizona, with negtives being listed as:

  • "overly aggressive approach"
  • "already lost a step" (but still can play CF in a pinch)
  • "effort has come into question"
  • "Arizona outfield depth"
  • As many here surely know, he followed that with 2 really crappy seasons at ages 22 and 23 (2005 and 2006).

    Now, after I'd written him off, the Cubs picked him up (Yay Cubs - they so rarely find good reclamation projects!)  They sent him back to AA to begin 2007, and he turned the Southern league upside down for 225 AB (.382/.449/.609).  And, while his AAA numbers weren't worth writing home over, .263/.338/.474 isn't exactly awful for a 24-year-old at Iowa.  

    So, what do people think is most likely for Kroeger in the next few years?

    A. Becomes nothing more than a 5th-outfielder/PH, IF he gets major league jobs at all.
    B. Becomes a reasonable 4th-OF/PH.
    C. Becomes a decent left-side of a platoon.
    D. Becomes a nearly "average" full-time major league OF.
    E. Becomes an above-average MLB OF (or better).

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