Trade Proposal

Amid all the blockbuster Cabrera/Santana/Haren speculation, there are some lesser trades that might make more sense for some of the teams in question.  I'm going to focus on the A's and the Giants.

Oakland needs position players in CF and SS, but they are in otherwise decent shape in the field.  To me, their biggest problem is pitching.  They have exactly 4, maybe five decent pitchers at the MLB level, Haren, Blanton, Gaudin, and Street.  Harden is possible if he can stay healthy, a diminishing liklihood.  To trade Haren or Blanton is going to exacerbate the pitching problem further and essentially give up on the next 2-3 seasons.  The A's need to be thinking about trading hitters for pitchers.

The Giants need help in the field desperately, particularly at 3B and 1B.  They have pitching to trade.  CF is also a relative surplus for the Giants, a position of need for the A's.

How about this?

A's trade Daric Barton to the Giants for Noah Lowry, Henry Sosa and choice of Fred Lewis/Rajai Davis/Dave Roberts.  I'd consider Randy Winn if the A's would prefer him.

Giants get a solid hitter until Angel V is ready.  The A's still have Dan Johnson and Jack Cust for 1B/DH.  The A's get a nice #4 pitcher who's buddies with Haren.  They get a passable CF, and they get a high ceiling pitching prospect.

What does everyone think?