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Detroit Tigers Top 20 Prospects for 2008

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Detroit Tigers Top 20 Prospects

All grades are EXTREMELY PRELIMINARY and subject to change.

  1. Rick Porcello, RHP, Grade B+ (I am hesitant to give out a Grade A- or Grade A without seeing some pro numbers first. This grade should not be interpreted as a negative comment on Porcello).
  2. Jeff Larish, 1B, Grade B- (generous grade, could lower to C+)
  3. Danny Worth, SS, Grade B- (I like him a lot)
  4. Yorman Bazardo, RHP, Grade C+
  5. Michael Hollimon, INF, Grade C+
  6. Charlie Furbush, LHP, Grade C+
  7. Brandon Hamilton, RHP, Grade C+
  8. Duane Below, LHP, Grade C+
  9. James Skelton, C, Grade C+
  10. Casey Crosby, LHP, Grade C+
  11. Diek Scram, OF, Grade C+
  12. Scott Sizemore, 2B, Grade C+
  13. Francisco Cruceta, RHP, Grade C
  14. Jordan Tata, RHP, Grade C
  15. Clay Rapada, LHP, Grade C
  16. Cale Iorg, SS, Grade C (suspect Baseball America will rank him higher but I want to see some data and two years of rust worries me)
  17. Brett Jensen, RHP, Grade C (could be a C+ I suppose, but old for level)
  18. Clete Thomas, OF, Grade C
  19. Brent Clevlen, OF, Grade C (almost ready to give up)
  20. Noah Krol, RHP, Grade C
There are several other grade C guys who are interchangeable with the ones on this list...Boesch, Castro, Henry, Joyce, Kaiser, M. Hernandez, M. Hoffman, Nickerson, Putkonen, Rhymes, Strieby, Vasquez, Zell. You can stick any of them on there if you like.

This system has been utterly gutted by trades. How quickly can it recover?

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