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Chicago Cubs Top 20 Prospects for 2008

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Geovany Soto found his inner predator in 2007

Chicago Cubs Top 20 Prospects for 2008

All grades are EXTREMELY PRELIMINARY and subject to change.

  1. Josh Vitters, 3B, Grade B+ (tough call, see commentary below)
  2. Geovany Soto, C, Grade B+ (tough call, see commentary below)
  3. Sean Gallagher, RHP, Grade B
  4. Eric Patterson, 2B-OF, Grade B (I dropped him from B+ due to defense)
  5. Tyler Colvin, OF, Grade B
  6. Josh Donaldson, C, Grade B
  7. Donald Veal, LHP, Grade B-
  8. Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Grade B-
  9. Jose Ceda, RHP, Grade B-
  10. Tony Thomas, 2B, Grade B-
  11. Billy Petrick, RHP, Grade C+
  12. Kevin Hart, RHP, Grade C+
  13. Sam Fuld, OF, Grade C+
  14. Jake Fox, C-1B, Grade C+
  15. Allesandro Maestri, RHP, Grade C+
  16. Steve Clevenger, C, Grade C+
  17. Mitch Atkins, RHP, Grade C
  18. Mark Holliman, RHP, Grade C
  19. Matt Craig, 3B, Grade C
  20. Larry Suarez, RHP, Grade C
  21. Ryan Acosta, RHP, Grade C
These systems with lots of Grade C guys are hard to do. There are 15 other guys in the book who rate as Grade C, any of them could slot into the back end of the top 20 depending on what you are looking for. If someone you like isn't mentioned here, point it out in the comments and I'll tell you if he is in the book, or if I overlooked him.

Baseball America's list should come out on Monday, and I imagine it could be substantially different.

The hardest part is the top two. Who would you rather have? Vitters or Soto? Vitters is the big-name guy, of course, the hot first round pick, young and talented. But he was so BAD after signing. How seriously should we take a 14-game sample size? Soto's ceiling isn't as high as Vitters', but he's already major league ready.

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