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2007 San Diego Padres Prospects

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2007 San Diego Padres Prospects

  1. Kevin Kouzmanoff, 3B, Grade B (love this bat, defense and age preclude B+)
  2. Cesar Carrillo, RHP, Grade B (good if healthy)
  3. Cedric Hunter, OF, B (major sleeper from '06 draft)
  4. Chase Headley, 3B, B (solid hitter but may not have standard 3B power)
  5. Matt Antonelli, 3B, B (good glove, solid bat, but power a question)
  6. Chad Huffman, 2B, B- (can hit, position a question)
  7. Nick Hundley, , C, B- (projects as solid but not spectacular player)
  8. Will Venable, OF, C+ (good tools, developing skills, but old for level)
  9. Kyle Blanks, 1B, C+ (very intriguing power)
  10. Paul McAnulty, OF, C+ (age precludes higher grade but he can hit)
  11. Kyler Burke, OF, C+ (good tools but very, very raw)
  12. David Freese, 3B, C+ (good bat but old for level)
  13. Sean Thompson, LHP, C (good curveball)
  14. Andrew Brown, RHP, C (intriguing power arm from Indians, could help in bullpen)
  15. Wade LeBlanc, LHP, C (nice debut but lack of plus fastball an issue)
  16. Colt Morton, C, C (has power, decent glove, won't hit for average)
  17. Leo Rosales, RHP, C (relief sleeper)
  18. Reyner Contreras, 2B, C (interesting rookie ball player)
  19. Vince Sinisi, OF, C (I'm not wild about him by any means)
  20. Royce Ring, LHP, C (should fit as a LOOGY)
Others of Note: Matt Buschmann, RHP; Matt Bush, SS; Kevin Cameron, RHP; Luis Cruz, SS; Nate Culp, LHP;
Luis Durango, OF; Mike Ekstrom, RHP; Justin Hampson, LHP; Neil Jamison, RHP; Seth Johnston, 2B;
Josh Madden, RHP; Cesar Ramos, LHP; Jared Wells, RHP.

The Padres in One Sentence: This system is quite thin, but good-looking '06 draft class and the recent trade
with Cleveland help a little.

There are some sleeper guys I like here. . .McAnulty, Brown, Rosales in particular. As usual you can scrabble
the Grade C/C+ guys around whoever you like.

ALL GRADES ARE PRELIMINARY. If you hate a grade, feel free to make a case for me to change it, though remember that cases phrased respectfully using logic and facts are more likely to be viewed positively than those featuring insults and invective.

There is a lot of slack in the B-/C+/C range and players may move up and down depending on how my thinking progresses. Feel free to make comments, point out sleepers I may have missed, etc. Note that there is only a limited amount of space in the book, and the max I can do is 35-36 players per team.

And, as always, there is the helpful reminder to Buy My Book, which will lay out reports for all these guys (and more) in detail.