baker recalled, sierra waived

the twins have cut ties with ruben sierra and brought scott baker back from rochester. he was pitching pretty well there, with a 2.92 ERA and his usual excellent K/BB. but they haven't yet announced a spot in the rotation for baker.

it's a little hard to tell right now, but i think baker gets the spot vacated by boof bonser when they sent him down after his july 4 start. due to the ASB, that spot in the rotation hasn't come up again. supposedly the rotation will go liriano, radke, santana beginning tomorrow; with lohse still in the bullpen it looks like silva and baker for the last 2 spots.

how do you think baker will do in his second go-round? his K/BB held up impressively in his first stint but he gave up hit after hit after hit (and a few too many dingers) and had a 6+ ERA when he was sent down. that .354 BABIP sure looks like it's due to come down.