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National League East MOCK DRAFT Comments

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Atlanta Braves

  1. Brett Anderson, LHP, Oklahoma HS
  2. Kasey Kiker, LHP, Alabama HS
  3. Kris Johnson, LHP, Wichita State University
  4. Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova
  5. Mark Melancon, RHP, University of Arizona
  6. Steve Evarts, LHP, Florida HS
  7. Chad Rogers, LHP, Ohio HS
  8. Stephen Englund, SS, Washington HS
  9. Kyle Smith, RHP, Ohio HS
COMMENT: Brett Anderson is a very polished high school pitcher. He doesn't have a lot of upside but he is more advanced than most of his peers in his craft. Kiker is a bit erratic and has makeup questions, but if he falls to 38 the Braves would be very pleased. Johnson has rebounded from injury and should advance rapidly up the ladder. I think Mulvey will go before 51 but if he's here at this point picking him makes sense. Melancon has a first round arm but will fall a bit due to injury concerns. Evarts, Rogers and Smith are all projectable high school pitchers who fit perfectly into Atlanta's development scheme. Englund has second round tools but is erratic and will need development time. These exact names might not work out, but I think Atlanta's draft will look a lot like this in style.

Florida Marlins

  1. Hank Conger, C, California HS
  2. Matt LaPorta, 1B, University of Florida
  3. Wes Hodges, 3B, Georgia Tech
  4. Jason Stoffel, RHP, California HS
  5. Preston Mattingly, INF, Indiana HS
  6. Danny Almonte, LHP, New York HS
COMMENT: Everyone loves Conger's bat, but questions about his defense linger. Still, he's legit at 19 overall. LaPorta has plus power but a weird junior year will probably keep him out of the first round. Hodges is solid in the second. Stoffel was considered a first round pick at one point but an inconsistent season dropped his stock, sort of like what happened with LaPorta. Don Mattingly's son Preston has a very good bat but no one is sure what position he will play. He could be a steal at 125. Almonte doesn't throw hard but is well-known due to his Little League exploits. If LaPorta and Stoffel can live up to their early promise, this is a good class.

New York Mets

  1. Jared Hughes, RHP, Long Beach State University
  2. Carmine Giardina, LHP, Florida HS
  3. John Shelby, 2B, University of Kentucky
  4. Shane Keough, OF, Yavapai JC
COMMENTS: Hughes is quite polished although his lack of strikeouts worries me on a sabermetric perspective. Still, he's legit in the second round. Giardina kind of got lost in the shuffle in a deep Florida high school class, but he'd rank as a second round pick in some classes. Shelby was erratic in college, but offensive potential and bloodlines fit well in the fourth round. Keough is a decent prospect who has received a lot of media attention due to his family background, but he needs to refine his tools.

Philadelphia Phillies

  1. Chris Tillman, RHP, California HS
  2. Max Sapp, C, Florida HS
  3. Matt Sulentic, OF, Texas HS
  4. Mark Sobolewski, INF, Florida HS
  5. Blair Erickson, RHP, UC Irvine
  6. Andrew D'Allessio, 1B, Clemson
COMMENTS: Tillman's erratic spring might keep him out of the first round, but he is quite projectable and it is not inconceivable that he could go at this point. Sapp is another young hitter with a power bat but questionable defense behind the plate. Sulentic has an excellent bat but questions about his glove may keep him out of the first round, which could make him a steal if his hitting develops as expected. Sobolewski is an infield version of Sapp: power bat, questionable glove. Erickson has erratic velocity but a good college track record. D'Allessio has a good glove and hit well in college, but there are worries about his contact against better pitching. This class has high bust potential but also could turn out to be very good. I really like Sulentic.

Washington Nationals

  1. Pedro Beato, RHP, St. Petersburg JC
  2. David Huff, LHP, UCLA
  3. Alex White, RHP, North Carolina HS
  4. Cody Johnson, 1B, Florida HS
  5. Chris Dupart, OF, Washington HS
  6. Josh Rodriguez, INF, Rice University
  7. Ben Snyder, LHP, Ball State University
COMMENT: Beato is a fine pick at number 15, has upside but will need polish. I think Huff is an overdraft at 22. He has good control but the lack of a dominant pitch worries me at that slot. Alex White is yet another projectable high school pitcher. . .there seem to be a lot of them these days. Cody Johnson has plus power but there are doubts about his swing. Dupart is toolsy and was rising up the draft charts the last two weeks, but will need development time. Rodriguez and Snyder are polished collegians without huge projectability. Not a bad mixture I'd say, blending guys at their peak with others who will need development.