Could a 1980s-ish Cardinals team suceed today?

Just a question for the board.

Today's MLB game is fueled almost entirely by the long ball with speed and defense as secondary assets. After watching Korea, Japan, Cuba small ball their way past slugging giants like USA and the Dominican, I was wondering if a MLB team could take a similar approach to sucess.

I'm looking to the Cardinals of the 80s as my model. Big, spacious park. Lots of speed and defense. It would be more cost efficient as well, as stolen base crowns don't get you the same salary as homerun crowns, Gold Gloves don't get you the same contract as a Silver Slugger.

Granted, a lot of it would come down to pitching, but playing in a big park with (I'm thinking 345 down lines, 385 alleys, 415 center) and lots of water bugs types to cover the gaps would certainly help a pitcher out tremendously. Plus, the money you spend loading your roster with under-valued speedsters can be spent on pitchers.

What does everyone think? I'm surprised that no one has tried this approach recently, but maybe we will see a revival after watching Korea in the Classic

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