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New York Yankees Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Phil Hughes, RHP, Grade B+
  2. Jose Tabata, OF, B+
  3. J. Brent Cox, RHP, B
  4. Eric Duncan, 3B-1B, B-
  5. Tyler Clippard, RHP, B-
  6. C.J. Henry, SS, B-
  7. Eduardo Nunez, SS, B-
  8. Austin Jackson, OF, C+
  9. Christian Garcia, RHP, C+
  10. Matt DeSalvo, RHP, C+
  11. Jeff Marquez, RHP, C+
  12. Sean Henn, LHP, C+
  13. Darrell Rasner, RHP, C+
  14. Brett Gardner, OF, C+
  15. Garrett Patterson, LHP, C+
  16. Marcos Vechionacci, 3B, C+
  17. Lance Pendleton, RHP, C+
  18. Kevin Howard, 2B, C
  19. T.J. Beam, RHP, C
  20. Colter Bean, RHP, C
The Yankees are making gradual progress improving the system, though there is a ways to go yet.

Hughes has Grade A natural ability, needing only durability to move into that range of prospect in my view. I personally love J. Brent Cox and think he will advance rapidly. Duncan is young enough to overcome his shaky Double-A performance last year. Clippard has terrific ratios but some scouts are still skeptical about him.

Guys like Henry, Nunez, and Jackson are very toolsy but unproven at this point. . .could be really good, but we don't know for sure yet.

Good Old Colter Bean is still around. His main problem now is age. . .too old at 29 to be more than a Grade C prospect, but I think he could help a lot of teams in the bullpen.