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Chicago White Sox Top 20 Prospects

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Ray Liotta (photo courtesy of Dave Sanford)


  1. Ray Liotta, LHP, Grade B+
  2. Bobby Jenks, RHP, Grade B
  3. Brian Anderson, OF, B
  4. Lance Broadway, RHP, B
  5. Ryan Sweeney, OF, B
  6. Francisco Hernandez, C, B
  7. Jerry Owens, OF, C+
  8. Josh D. Fields, 3B, C+
  9. Robert Valido, SS, C+
  10. Sean Tracey, RHP, C+
  11. Ricky Brooks, RHP, C+
  12. Aaron Cunningham, OF, C+
  13. Clayton Richard, LHP, C+
  14. Chris Getz, 2B, C+
  15. Casey Rogowski, 1B, C
  16. Tyler Lumsden, LHP, C
  17. Jeff Bajenaru, RHP, C
  18. Dan Cortes, RHP, C
  19. Brandon Allen, OF, C
  20. Chris Carter, 3B, C
Not a deep farm system by any means. Winter trades of Chris Young, Gio Gonzalez, and Dan Haigwood reduce system depth considerably.

Grade B for Bobby Jenks may seem low. On pure talent alone, he has a Grade A arm. When his head is on straight, and his command is in gear, he can put up Grade A performance as well. But his track record is mixed, at best. Even on good days he's a "high maintenance" guy, and I don't trust his elbow not to explode. So you have Grade A talent mixed with Grade C/C- "intangibles." I compromised on Grade B, but your mileage may differ.

Just about everyone else on the list has questions too, even if not to Jenks' extent. Brian Anderson is a decent prospect but I'd rather have Chris Young. Lance Broadway's average fastball will have to hold up at higher levels. Ryan Sweeney is very young but could be an outfield version of Sean Burroughs as a hitter. Francisco Hernandez didn't hit his first shot at full-season ball. Jerry Owens lacks power. Etc.

It's not to say that these guys aren't prospects; they are. But they all have a question mark or three.

How long can the White Sox hold off the Indians and Twins?