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Cincinnati Reds Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Homer Bailey, RHP, Grade B+
  2. Travis Wood, LHP, Grade B
  3. Jay Bruce, OF, Grade B
  4. B.J. Szymanski, OF, B-
  5. Phil Dumatrait, LHP, B-
  6. Chris Denorfia, OF, C+
  7. Tyler Pelland, LHP, C+
  8. Joey Votto, 1B, C+
  9. Justin Germano, RHP, C+
  10. Zach Ward, RHP, C+
  11. Sam Lecure, RHP, C+
  12. Bobby Basham, RHP, C+
  13. Adam Rosales, SS, C+
  14. Jeff Stevens, RHP, C+
  15. William Bergolla, 2B, C
  16. Travis Chick, RHP, C
  17. Elizardo Ramirez, RHP, C
  18. Rafael Gonzalez, RHP, C
  19. James Avery, RHP, C
  20. Miguel Perez, C, C
Not exactly a top system by any means. Bailey is a potentially excellent pitcher if he continues making progress with his command. I like both 2005 draftees Wood and Bruce, but we need to see them in a full season context. Guys like Szymanski, Dumatrait, Denorfia, and Pelland all have significant positives in their profile, but also major questions of one sort or another. Then you have a large mass of Grade C+/C type guys, more or less interchangeable.