who are you?

these side topic diaries have certainly exposed the very varied tastes we have in music, and most likely in age.  well, my only basis for the varied age comment comes from someone that said the eagles weren't the worst group ever, but the did only ever have one hit song.  not that it's a bad statement or a good one.  just probably one that didn't come from someone around in the eagle's hey day like me.

so, who do we have here coming together from such a wide range of backgrounds?  i wonder where you all are from, how you came to love the minors, and how old you are.

i'm from chicago...most of my life.  i'm 41 in a couple of weeks.  and i took the prospect "red pill" a couple of years ago when i broke from the ranks of single season fantasy baseball and joined what are now 3 dynasty leagues...two with 20 teams, and one with 14.

i was enough into baseball before the dynasty thing to know who the up and coming players were, but never tracked college careers, or the draft, or hitting/pitching friendly leagues.  i really fell fast for this, and it didn't help when my roommate joined one of my leagues a year after i did.  now, where we used to sit around and talk about how we could change the world, we sit and talk about how colby rasmus' strikeout rate could cause society to crumble.

so...what's your story?

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