Sick of Being a "Stathead"

Is anyone who weighs stats more than their eyes sick of being called the many names traditionalists have given them:


What kind of name do traditionalists deserve then?

I tend to stay away from "stathead" sites because 1. I hate everyone thinking like I think and 2. sometimes these stat guys are way too extreme for me.

Therefore I tend to get the bullshyte that a "stathead" gets for looking at stats. Rarely am I or any other person like me addressed without a MoneyBall/Billy Beane reference, a throw in of nerd/geek, the RETARD accusations that I "don't watch the game" or don't KNOW the game as well as the almighty traditionalist does.

It's pretty sickening actually.

This is the most neutral site I've been a part of, along with MLBcenter and NSBB. On other boards, especially boards, traditionalists dominate. Things like "intangibles" and clutch hitting are significant parts of talking about players, and if you don't agree theres a good chance you'll be baited until you can be banned. I've had my beliefs in the analyization of baseball called "idiotic," "clueless," "stupid," and so on by board administrators, not just regular posters.

I think the debate between stat man and traditionalists is just stupid. You'll find tradtionalists saying you need balance, then trying to explain how OBP is not as useful as "clutch hitting" and so on. I actually had a debate that even though the Cubs had 300+ less baserunners than the Dodgers and Phillies, PLUS Phillie left the most guys on base during the season, the problem was still not the Cubs OBP. It was still their "clutch hitting" and so on. And damn, don't you dare say OBP because then you really are a Billy Beane loving, MoneyBall humping, evil, scum of the eart stathead who knows NOTHING about TRUE baseball...but it's all balance you know?

The debate has to end, not that it actually will. Much of the namecalling I've seen comes from the traditionalist side. The stupid names, the stupid accusations, all because people think different than one group. It's stupid. I mean this is only baseball, but people assuming about other people has led to alot of the worlds negative shit. '

What a long winded rant. Discuss.

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