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2007 Philadelphia Phillies Prospects

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2007 Philadelphia Phillies Prospects

  1. Carlos Carrasco, RHP, B+ (took a major step forward with his command)
  2. Kyle Drabek, RHP, B (rookie ball results were terrible, and doubts about his makeup remain, but I will go with a Grade B for now)
  3. J. A. Happ, LHP, B- (should be ready sometime in '07)
  4. Josh Outman, LHP, B- (power arm, but does he start or relieve?)
  5. Matt Maloney, LHP, B- (faces Double-A test in '07)
  6. Michael Bourn, OF, B- (good speed, but will he hit enough?)
  7. Adrian Cardenas, 2B, B- (quick bat, could rise quickly)
  8. Edgar Garcia, RHP, C+(good arm but low strikeout rate is puzzling)
  9. Drew Carpenter, RHP, C+ (polished, should move quickly)
  10. Justin Germano, RHP, C+ (seems like he's been around forever but is still a prospect as an inning-eater type)
  11. Mike Costanzo, 3B, C+ (draws walks but also strikes out a lot, Double-A will be critical for his status)
  12. Dan Brauer, LHP, C+ (adds another nice lefty to a decent group)
  13. D'Arby Myers, OF, C+ (great tools, needs time)
  14. Zach Segovia, RHP, C+ (I still like him for some reason but I might be nuts)
  15. Matt Smith, LHP, C (old for a prospect, will be a great LOOGY)
  16. Scott Mathieson, RHP, C (need to see how he recovers from injury)
  17. Greg Golson, OF, C (great tools but still very raw, I am losing faith)
  18. Carlos Ruiz, C, C (solid defender with underrated bat)
  19. Yoel Hernandez, RHP, C (bullpen spare part)
  20. Chris Roberson, OF, C (outfield spare part)
  21. Jeremy Slayden, OF, C (hit well in Sally League but old for level)
Others of Note: Joe Bisenius, RHP; Eude Brito, LHP; Fabio Castro, LHP; Brett Harker, RHP; C.J. Henry, SS; Jason Jaramillo, C; Kyle Kendrick, RHP; Scott Mitchinson, RHP; Carlos Monasterios, RHP; Brian Sanches, RHP; Jim Ed Warden, RHP.

The Phillies in One Sentence: There are some intriguing guys here, but even the best prospects have significant questions regarding their future development.

Several of the Grade C+/C guys could be useful role players, Matt Smith in particular looks good to me and I also like Roberson and Bisenius. I like the three lefties at the top, Happ/Outman/Maloney. At least one of them should pan out, but which one?

ALL GRADES ARE PRELIMINARY. If you hate a grade, feel free to make a case for me to change it, though remember that cases phrased respectfully using logic and facts are more likely to be viewed positively than those featuring insults and invective.

There is a lot of slack in the B-/C+/C range and players may move up and down depending on how my thinking progresses. Feel free to make comments, point out sleepers I may have missed, etc. Note that there is only a limited amount of space in the book, and the max I can do is 35-36 players per team.

And, as always, there is the helpful reminder to Buy My Book, which will lay out reports for all these guys (and more) in detail.