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Appy League Honors

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Rookie League Honors

Bluefield's Rene Aqueron

Appalachian League
POSITION PLAYER: Bluefield's Rene Aqueron is too old for the league at age 23, but for purposes of "Position Player of the Year" that's not totally relevant, since this is to recognize pure performance more than prospect status. And Aqueron's performance was unassailable: he led the league by hitting .405 in 56 games, led the league with a .468 OBP, and was third in slugging at .583.
STARTING PITCHER: Elizabethton's Adam Hawes led the league with a 1.53 ERA, went 4-0 in nine starts, and posted a strong 68/16 K/BB in 59 innings, allowing only 38 hits. Danville's Jairo Cuevas was second with a 1.95 ERA and second with six wins. Hawes was a bit more dominating so I'll go with him.
CLOSER: Princeton's Robert Findlay led the circuit with 15 saves while posting a 1.88 ERA and a 34/7 K/BB in 25 innings. Honorable mention goes to Elizabethton reliever Alexander Smit, who picked up just three saves in 21 games, but went 6-1, 1.97, with an incredible 86 strikeouts in just 46 innings.