Dodgers Sale - All Contracts Must GO!

Okay, so I am a heartbroken and despondent Dodger fan - this is a lost season, I've accepted it...let us move on.  There are a bunch of contracts on our books that seem to be movable in this market.  Is there any reason that DePo isn't burning up his cellular minutes trying to foist off Kent/Lowe/Weaver/Perez?  I can think of deals for each of them that (albeit perhaps jaundiced by my bias) seem to make sense:

Kent to Minnesota for Jason Kubel - Kubel's knee is still a mystery, but it is clearly worth the play for an OF with his talents.  Minnesota needs a power bat and a real second baseman like Sisyphus needs a UHaul.

Lowe to Texas for Ian Kinsler - Kinsler's star has dimmed, perhaps, but Lowe is just the kind of innings-eating groundball pitcher that Hart would kill for.  The contract will be an issue; we could eat some of that.

Weaver and Orenduff to Philly for Ryan Howard - Okay, perhaps more optimistic than the other deals, but Philly is a veteran team who's winow is closing.  Weaver is having a strong year, Howard is Philly's ONLY chip, they're an old team - they have to take the shot.

Perez to Boston for Andrew Dobies - Dodger management is fed up with Perez. We'd have to eat some of the contract, but he's off the team, we get an arm to replace Orenduff and Perez fills out the Sox pitching staff.

Thoughts?  Am I crazy or not?


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