Free Jonny Gomes

pondering the erstwhile D-Ray

Why is Jonny Gomes not playing in Tampa Bay?
Where does he fit into their plans?
What kind of defense does he play?
Can he play first base?
What kind of splits does he have?
What kind of MLB averages could a team expect in 2005 (assuming neutral park)?
What kind of offensive averages could a team expect in 2008 (age 27)?
What would it take to obtain him in trade?

Background: I am a Twins fan, looking for a DH and 4th/5th OF and possibly a back-up 1B.  I am disappointed in LeCroy and not willing to take on Sweeney.  Gomes looks to me as good as most of the alternatives in terms of offense (average, discipline, power), let alone price ( salary and talent given up).  Also, he might fit into future plans when Jones and/or Stewart are gone.

I was thinking of trading Boof Bonser for Jonny Gomes.  Is this a realistic trade?