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Thoughts On the Mock Draft

Well, the First Annual Mock Draft is complete. I think it was a success. It is certainly a good way to cram for the real draft, and I hope you all had fun and learned something useful from the process. Keep in mind that the Mock Draft is NOT a prediction, rather a simulation and a way to generate conversation and idea/information exchange.

So, should we do this again next year? I think so.

I want to thank everyone for participating, especially the Scouting Directors. The process was much smoother than we had any right to expect given that it was our first attempt at something like this.

I will blog the real draft tomorrow, so come back early and often. I will be sending a first-round review to newsletter subscribers tomorrow afternoon/evening, and will have more commentary in the newsletter as the week progresses. Late in the week we will return to our regular schedule here at minorleagueball, with prospect tidbits, retrospectives, and probably an AQA thread soon.

In the meantime, here is more reading for you.

***interview with Oakland catching prospect Kurt Suzuki at Athletics Nation