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Arizona Diamondbacks
1---1---Justin Upton, SS, Cheasapeake, VA HS
1S-31--Joey Devine, RHP, North Carolina State University
2---49---Nick Hundley, C, University of Arizona
3---81---Donald Veal, LHP, Puma CC
3---83---Kris Harvey, RHP, Clemson
4---111--Jason Neighborall, RHP, Georgia Tech
5---141---Lance Pendleton, OF-RHP, Rice
COMMENT: Upton is a no-brainer pick. He's great but he'll cost money, so shifting to cheaper college players afterward makes sense. Devine should move quickly, and I like Hundley. Veal is a power arm from the left side. Harvey and Neighborall both have first-round physical potential, but were erratic (Harvey) or downright awful (Neighborall) in college. Both are potential bargains if they can harness their natural talent, but risk is there, especially with Neighborall who has a good chance of being a total bust. Pendleton has good physical tools but underperformed this year. He is also a possible bargain if he lives up to his potential.

Colorado Rockies
1---7----Luke Hochevar, RHP, University of Tennessee
1S--32---Mark McCormick, RHP, Baylor
2---52---Seth Johnston, SS-2B, University of Texas
2---55---Eli Iorg, OF, University of Tennessee
3---87---Tommy Manzella, SS, Tulane
4---117---Ivan DeJesus, SS, Puerto Rico HS
5---147---Allen Langdon, OF, Garden City Idaho HS
COMMENT: The Rockies Scouting Director was AWOL, so I had to take over this draft from the beginning. I wasn't especially prepared in terms of having a strategy or philosophy for the Rockies, so I kind of winged it. They have been linked with Hochevar in press reports, so that seemed a logical enough selection. When I got to slot 32, I thought that McCormick was the best guy on the board at the time, so I picked him. I didn't think of the Boras connection (Hochevar is also a Boras guy) until after I made the pick, so in the second round I switched gears and started picking guys who would be affordable, hopefully leaving enough dough in the budget to be able to sign both of the top two pitchers. Johnston and Manzella would make a fine DP combination. Iorg has across-the-board skills and should be signable. I went with a couple of projection high school picks after that, selecting the polished and signable DeJesus, and local Rocky Mountain product Langdon, who I probably overdrafted.

Los Angeles Dodgers
1S---40---Tyler Herron, RHP, Wellington, FL HS
2---51---Vance Worley, RHP, McClatchy HS, Sacramento CA
2---74---Jeff Lyman, RHP, Monte Visa HS, Alamo CA
3---106---Scott Van Slyke, OF, St. Louis Missouri HS
4---136---Ryan DeLaughter, OF, Corinth Texas HS
5---166---David DiNatale, OF, Stoneman Douglas HS, Parkland FL
COMMENT: This looks very much like a recent Dodgers draft, full of young athletes from high school, possibly undervalued due to the emphasis more clubs are putting on college talent. Herron at 40 represents high upside, and would have been a pure first round pick ten years ago. Likewise Worley and Lyman, lively high school arms who will have to be bought away from college, but who offer excellent long-term potential. There is lost of risk here, but the Herron/Worley/Lyman trio would cause most scouting directors and GMs to drool. Van Slyke is another college bound guy who will want $$$. He's toolsy, but I think a possible overdraft in this slot by a round or two. DeLaughter is also toolsy, offering more power but less speed than Van Slyke. He should be easier to sign. DiNatale is sort of a compromise prospect, with a skill set in between DeLaughter and Van Slyke. If you are willing to take chances on high school players, it is hard to beat this group.

San Diego Padres
1---18---Brian Bogusevic, LHP, Tulane
1S--35---Jordan Danks, OF, Round Rock TX HS
2---66---Jeremy Hellickson, RHP, Hoover HS, Des Moines, IA
2---76---Jeff Larish, 1B, Arizona State University
3---98---Matt Goyen, LHP, Georgia College
4---128---Jeremy Slayden, OF, Georgia Tech
5---158---Nick Stavinoha, OF, LSU
COMMENT: Bogusevic has been linked with the Padres by Baseball America, and would make a logical choice for this club. Supplemental pick Jordan Danks is a signability gamble. If you can get him to forgo college, he is a huge bargain at 35, but that is a huge IF. Hellickson is polished for a cold-weather high school pitcher, but an LSU commitment and his small size (listed 6-1 but perhaps shorter) keep him out of the first round. He knows how to pitch though. Jeff Larish is a senior with power but an erratic college track record. Goyen should do well at the lower levels, but will have to show his finesse game will work against advanced hitters. Still, he's a worthy pick in the third round. Slayden has lots of power but frequent injuries that limit his playing time and his production. A possible bargain, if healthy. Stavinoha is athletic and hit for power this year.

San Francisco Giants
4---132---Anthony Vavaro, RHP, St. John's
5---162---Travis Wood, LHP, Bryant HS Arkansas
COMMENT: With just two guys it is hard to make an impact in a mock draft. Vavaro has a great arm but is out with Tommy John surgery. Picking him in the fourth round is an interesting gamble that could pay off big if he comes back successfully. Wood is lefty with a power arm but he needs help with his mechanics. He has better upside than many fifth-round picks but is risky.