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Chicago Cubs
1---20---Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, Oregon State University
2---68---Trevor Bell, OF, La Crascenta HS, CA
3---100---Jensen Lewis, RHP, Vanderbilt
3---108---Ryan Mullins, LHP, Vanderbilt
4---130---Brian Hernandez, C, Vanderbilt
5---160---Jemile Weeks, 2B, Lake Brantley, FL
COMMENT: I like Ellsbury, but I have an intuitive feeling that 20th overall might be a slight overdraft. Bell was picked by the scouting director as an outfielder, but many teams prefer him as a pitcher. Either way he is good value in the second round and provides some high-upside to go with Ellsbury's polish. Jensen Lewis is a polished college pitcher who will breeze through A-ball but will have to show he can handle higher levels. Hernandez is another Vandy guy and one of several draftable players on the club, but fourth round seems two-three rounds early to me. Weeks is the brother of Rickie Weeks and will have to be bought out of college ball, but has high upside like his brother and could be a bargain in the fifth round if signable in that slot.

Cincinnati Reds
1---12---Ryan Braun, 3B, University of Miami-Florida
2---60---Mike Costanzo, 3B, Coastal Carolina University
3---92---Yuniel Escobar Almenares, SS, Miami FL (Cuba)
4---122---Dave Duncan, LHP, New Richmond HS, Ohio
5---152---Tyson Ross, RHP, Bishop O'Dowd HS, Oakland CA
COMMENT: Braun is a draft wild card: he's been mentioned in the first ten picks, but could conceivable fall to the end of the round. He's more than acceptable at 12th overall if the Reds are comfortable with his defense. Costanzo is listed by the scouting director at third base, but may be more suited to the outfield or even pitching. Cuban defector Escobar is a huge wild card. . .who knows what they have there? Duncan is a 6-7 high school lefty and possible steal in the fourth round if he can be bought away from college. Ross is another tall guy at 6-6, and like Duncan will have to be bought away from college. I like the upside of the high school pitchers, and both could be big bargains if they sign. Picking polished college players with Braun and Costanzo helps limit the risk of the later picks.

Houston Astros
1---24---Lance Broadway, RHP, TCU
1S---38---Jacob Marceaux, RHP, McNeese State University
2----72---Brett Hayes, C, University of Nevada
3----89---Garrett Olson, LHP, Cal Poly
3---104---Ryan Patterson, OF, LSU
4---134---Josh Geer, RHP, Rice
5---164---Steve Kahn, RHP, Loyola Marymount
COMMENT: Solid college guys all down the line here, in keeping with recent Houston draft philosophy. The first six guys all have a chance to advance rapidly through the system, although none of them have tremendous ceilings except possibly Marceaux. Kahn is a wild card and a possible strong value in round five, if he can find his command again after a rough spring.

Milwaukee Brewers
1---5---Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Wichita State
3---85---Zach Ward, RHP, Gardner-Webb
4---115---Mike Broadway, RHP, Golconda, IL HS
5---145---Ryan Doherty, RHP, Notre Dame
COMMENT: The only thing I don't like about Pelfrey is the not-great pro history of Wichita State pitchers, that and the Boras factor, though with no second round pick the Mock Brewers should theoretically be able to sign him. He's a stud if he stays healthy. Zach Ward has great stuff, but falls to the third round due to command problems. I think that's about where he will go tomorrow, and could represent good value if the control comes around. I have a theory that cold-weather high school pitchers are often undervalued in the draft, and Mike Broadway is a good example. Doherty is a 7-1 monster with flashes of plus stuff but problems with consistency. Nice mix of arms here.

Pittsburgh Pirates
1---11---Andrew McCutchen, OF, Ft. Meade FL HS
2----59---Travis Buck, OF, Arizona State University
3----91---Zach Putnam, 3B, Ann Arbor MI HS
4----121---Brett Wallace, 3B, Sonoma CA HS
5---151---Aaron Cunningham, OF, Everett CC
COMMENTS: McCutchen has all the tools and could be a star. The fact that he will go in the first round despite being listed at 5-11 should tell you how much scouts like his play. Buck is a polished college bat and good insurance should McCutchen fizzle out. Putnam is good value in the third round if he is signable. Wallace has an excellent bat but is not an early round pick due to questions about his defense and athleticism. Again, he is good value in this round due to offensive upside. Cunningham has one of the best juco bats available. There is risk here but the upside of this class is high.

St. Louis Cardinals
1---28----Tyler Greene, SS, Georgia Tech
1---30----Cesar Ramos, LHP, Long Beach State
1S---43---J. Brent Cox, RHP, University of Texas
1S---46---John Mayberry, 1B-OF, Stanford
2----70----Justin Maxwell, OF, University of Maryland
2---78----Matt Garza, RHP, Fresno State University
3---110----Daillo Fon, OF, Walnut Creek, California HS
4---140----Brett Gardner, OF, College of Charleston
5----170----Carlos Hereaud, SS, Missouri City Texas HS
COMMENTS: The Cardinals have received a lot of flak from traditionalists about their college-oriented drafts, but if they do anything like this they should be quite happy. Although college in tone, this is not a "play it safe" draft. I think Ramos at 30 was overdrafted by about 15 slots, but I'm a big believer in J.Brent Cox. Mayberry has suffered due to his power outage this spring, but he certainly has more pure tools than many college players. Greene has a fine glove but an erratic bat. Maxwell is a first-round talent who can't stay healthy. If he does as a pro, he is another potential steal. Garza has been mentioned in the first round, so getting him at 78 overall is a coup. Fon has a booming bat and adds high school youth to the system. Gardner has plus speed and leadoff potential.