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Chicago White Sox
1---15---Wade Townsend, RHP
3---95---Josh Lindblom, RHP, Harrison HS, West Lafayette, Ind.
4---125--Chris Robinson, C, University of Illinois
5---155---Josh Zeid, RHP, New Haven CT HS
COMMENT: Townsend could go just about anywhere in the first round, depending on what his exact demands are and on how teams assess his spring workout performances. He's a legit pick at 15. Lindblom is a hard-throwing Midwest pitcher who will need time to develop but has a high ceiling. Injuries slowed Robinson this spring, but if he returns to form he could be a steal in the fourth round. Zeid will have to be bought out of college baseball, but represents good upside value in the fifth round if signable. Some risk here with the high school pitchers, but the two college guys provide a good mix.

Cleveland Indians
1---14---C.J. Henry, SS, Oklahoma City OK HS
1S--33---Clay Buchholz, RHP, Angelina TX JC
2---62---Brian Pettway, OF, University of Mississippi
3---94----Kenny Maiques, RHP, Rio Hondo JC
3---102---Nolan Reimold, OF, Bowling Green
4---124---Drew Butera, C, University of Central Florida
5---154---Jeff Bianchi, SS, Lampeter HS, Lancaster PA
COMMENT: The first three picks are potpourri: a high ceiling high school athlete, a hard-throwing junior college guy, and a solid college senior with a strong bat. If you are looking to bring a variety of guys into the system, that's the way to do it. The Commissioner took over this draft in the third round. I tried to be true to the flavor established by the scouting director with the first three picks, selecting a variety of players: a junior college arm, two polished college players, and a high school athlete.

Detroit Tigers
1---10---Craig Hansen, RHP, St. John's
3---90---Brett Lillibridge, SS, University of Washington
4---120---Matt Maloney, LHP, University of Mississippi
5---150---Jim Brauer, RHP, University of Michigan
COMMENT: Hansen at 10 is certainly a legitimate pick if the team is willing to meet his bonus demands. I'm not sure he will fall that far in reality, it will depend on $$$. We'll know in 24 hours. The Commissioner took over this draft in the third round. The Tigers went with a college flavor in '04, so I did the same thing here, with solid but not spectacular or controversial selections.

Kansas City Royals
1---2----Alex Gordon, 3B, University of Nebraska
2---50---Sean West, LHP, Shreveport LA HS
3---82---Nick Webber, RHP, Central Missouri State University
4--112--Robert Ray, RHP, Texas A&M
5---142---Jon Meloan, RHP, University of Arizona
COMMENT: Gordon is a no-brainer at 2 overall, and assuming that the Royals are not going cheap, I think that is what we will see tomorrow. The scouting director then picked a high-ceiling high-risk guy in the second round, a 6-8 lefty. College pitching then filled out the draft, with hometown boy Nick Webber followed by two solid college arms in Ray and Meloan. I like the balance of the prep arm with the college guys.

Minnesota Twins
1---25---Matt Torra, RHP, University of Massachusetts
1S--39---Justin Bristow, RHP-SS, Richmond VA HS
2---54---David Adams, 3B-SS, Grandview Prep, Margate FL
2---73---Jonathan Egan, C, Cross Creek HS, Georgia
2S--80---Scott Taylor, RHP, Hermitage HS, Glen Allen VA
3---105---Jeremy Bleich, LHP, Metaire Louisiana HS
4---135---Yahmed Yema, OF, Florida International University
5---165---Neil Jamison, RHP, Long Beach State University
COMMENT: Torra is an excellent pick at 25. Adams will have to be bought away from college ball, but the Twins did well with similar picks in 2004. The Twins like to draft guys from Virginia, so high school arm Scott Taylor and Bristow fit well with that tradition. Bleich will have to be bought away from Stanford, but as with Adams it would be possible in real life. Yema is one of my favorites, but I don't think he will go as early as the fourth round. Jamison has a 0.00 ERA for Long Beach State and should move up quickly. Overall another balanced draft and one in keeping with recent Twins history. Lots of upside with the high school guys.