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Atlanta Braves
1--27th---Cliff Pennington, SS, Texas A&M
1S--41st---Bryan Morris, RHP, Tullahoma, TN HS
2---75th--Ryan Mount, SS, Ayala HS, Chino Hills CA
2---77th----Chris Mason, RHP, UNC Greensboro
3---107th---Michael Kirkman, RHP, Lake City, Florida HS
4---137th---Buster Posey, RHP, Leesburg Georgia HS
5---167th---Kyle Winters, RHP, Pomona HS, Arvada CO
COMMENT: Pennington is a bit of a surprise to some, not fitting within the traditional Braves philosophy, but he's a solid player and worthy of a late first-round selection. Traditionalists like him as well as statheads. Supplemental pick Bryan Morris is a perfect Braves draft pick: a live-armed high school kid from below the Mason-Dixon line. He may attend junior college but would still be eligible as a draft-and-follow guy. I like Ryan Mount in the second round, and Chris Mason is one of my favorite college guys in the draft this year. Kirkman, Posey, and Winters are all talented high school pitchers who fit well into Atlanta's philosophy. Good use of the two extra picks. This is a standard Braves draft, filled with live-armed young moundsmen.

Florida Marlins
1---16th----Cesar Carillo, RHP, University of Miami-FL
1---22nd---Michael Bowden, RHP, Aurora, IL HS
1---29th----Taylor Teagarden, C, University of Texas
1S--34th---Daniel Carte, OF, Winthrop
1S---44th---P.J. Phillips, SS, Stone Mountain GA HS
2---64th----Nick Weglarz, 1B, Lakeshore Catholic HS, Stevensville Ontario
2S---79th---Kevin Whelan, RHP, Texas A&M
3---96th----Mike Bell, 3B, Grayson CC, Texas
4---126th---Wade Miley, LHP, Loranger HS, LA
5---156th---James Avery, RHP, Niagara
COMMENT: Another team makes good use of extra picks, mixing in high school kids with college players. Carillo and Teagarden should advance quickly, while Bowden, Phillips, and Weglarz provide high-ceiling guys for the lower levels to develop. Miley could be a real steal in the fourth round. Whelan is a college fireballer who could help out in relief sooner than people expect. I like this class, although with the extra selections it is hard not to. I'm not sure what to make of college outfielder Daniel Carte, who has done well with wooden bats but has been erratic with metal. He has good tools, and if he puts it together he could be a solid across-the-board player.

New York Mets
1----9th----Cameron Maybin, OF, Arden NC HS
4----119th---Warner Jones, 2B, Vanderbilt
5----149th----Josh Wilson, RHP, Tyler TX HS
COMMENT: The flip side of Florida is New York, where the lack of second and third round picks makes it imperative to make an impact in the first round. That they did, picking Maybin. I doubt he will fall this far in the real draft, but if he does the Mets would certainly snatch him up. Jones in the fourth round is more controversial. He's a fine college player but could be overdrafted in this slot. Wilson in the fifth round is a fine selection, although he would have to be bought away from the University of Texas. The money would certainly be available to do that, and he is the equivalent of a second round pick.

Philadelphia Phillies
2----65th----Sean O'Sullivan, RHP, El Cajon California HS
3----97th----Tim Lincecum, RHP, University of Washington
4----127th----Cameron Blair, 2B, Texas Tech
5----157th----Brandon James, RHP, Carlisle HS, Carlisle, PA
COMMENT: O'Sullivan was rated as a first-round pick heading into the season, but an erratic spring campaign has hurt his stock. Picking him in the second round could be a bargain if he can recover his previous form. If you like strikeouts, you'll like Lincecum, although his small size, weird mechanics, and not-always-reliable command keep him out of the earliest rounds. Like O'Sullivan, he has a chance to be a bargain pick if he can iron out some flaws. Blair is a solid college senior with a good bat, an affordable fourth round pick although probably overdrafted by two or three rounds. However, you can give some of the money saved to O'Sullivan to keep him from going to college. Brandon James was a commissioner pick, a local kid with a fine curveball and a decent fastball. The key here will be the development of O'Sullivan.

Washington Nationals
1----4th----Jeff Clement, C, USC
4----114th---Ryan Tucker, RHP, Temple City CA HS
5----144th----Ben Copeland, OF, University of Pittsburgh
COMMENT: Everyone thought the Nationals would go with Ryan Zimmerman, but the Mock Draft pulls its first surprise by going with USC slugger Jeff Clement. Lack of second and third round picks is a danger, but Clement is pretty much a sure thing which helps reduce the risk. Tucker has one of the best fastballs in the draft. He's raw, but a potential bargain in the fourth round. Copeland is a speedy line drive hitter with a good statistical track record, but he'll have to show he can hit pro pitching.