MOD: Mets II

First Round

1. Diamondbacks: Justin Upton

2. Royals: Alex Gordon

3. Mariners: Cameron Maybin

4. Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman

5. Brewers: Mike Pelfrey

6. Blue Jays: Ryan Braun

7. Rockies: Luke Hochevar

8. Devil Rays: Jeff Clement

9. Mets

What I'd like to do now is to concentrate on the 121st and 151st pick. A few people posted their thoughts, but we got no discussion.

Do we draft for position here?

I'd like to get a college closer, but I have absolutely no idea about any of them outside of Hansen.

I'd like to get a starter if we don't take Romero.

If we do get Romero, I'd like to get a leadoff type hitter regardless of position.

Poll is done. Thanks for voting, but it looks like Pelfrey won't be available.

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