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What you can do in 2005

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This weekend, I received several emails from readers talking about how much they like the site. I really, really appreciate that. With the minor leagues getting active at the end of the week, things will really pick up around here. I'm very hopeful about what 2005 will bring.

What can you, the readers, do to help? Obviously, keep reading! Please also visit the other sportsblog network sites, listed conveniently under "Sportsblogs family" on the right-hand column. You'll find some good commentary there, and the network will continue to grow as the season progresses. For me directly, please consider buying my book if you haven't already done so, as well as the email subscription newsletter (check

We're off to a good start, and with your continued support, we can make MinorLeagueBall THE place for independent prospect talk and analysis on the internet.