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Blast from the Past: The Prospects of the Year 2000

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In the Year 2000
In the Year 2000

The Best Prospects of 2000

  1. Corey Patterson, Grade A: Flashes of brilliance. Can he control the strike zone?
  2. Rick Ankiel, Grade A: Ruined by injuries and severe control problems.
  3. Pat Burrell, Grade A: Solid slugger.
  4. Vernon Wells, Grade A: Effective player just entering his prime.
  5. Nick Johnson, Grade A: Can't stay healthy.
  6. Dee Brown, Grade A: Huge bust, stopped developing at age 23.
  7. Kip Wells, Grade A-: Decent pitcher, can get better if his health holds up.
  8. Ben Petrick, Grade A-: Retired due to Parkinson's Disease.
  9. Sean Burroughs, Grade A-: Can hit for average but power has not developed yet.
  10. Mike Cuddyer, Grade A-: Solid citizen just now getting a chance to play.
  11. D'Angelo Jimenez, Grade A-: Bounced around a bit, but solid '03 and '04 seasons.
  12. Ruben Mateo, Grade A-: Broken leg and slippage in plate discipline ruined him.
  13. Brad Penny, Grade A-: Effective when healthy.
  14. Chin-Feng Chen, Grade A-: Stalled in Triple-A.
  15. Rafael Furcal, Grade A-: Fine player.
  16. Eric Gagne, Grade A-: Developed into tremendous closer.
  17. Matt Riley, Grade A-: Still struggling, has battled injuries and command problems.
  18. Hee Seop Choi, Grade A-: Not the star expected, but a solid slugger.
  19. Wilfredo Rodriguez, Grade A-: Ruined by injuries.
  20. Ed Yarnall, Grade A-: Injuries, weight problems.
  21. Ramon Ortiz, Grade B+: Decent starting pitcher when healthy.
  22. Ryan Anderson, Grade B+: Ruined by injuries.
  23. Alfonso Soriano, Grade B+: A better version of Juan Samuel.
  24. John Patterson, Grade B+: Slowed by injuries, could still be good.
  25. Milton Bradley, Grade B+: Solid player despite personality issues.
  26. Jesus Colome, Grade B+: Effective middle reliever at times.
  27. Ramon Hernandez, Grade B+: Solid all-around catcher.
  28. Pete Bergeron, Grade B+: Big bust.
  29. Abraham Nunez the Outfielder, Grade B+: Age-Gate.
  30. Matt LeCroy, Grade B+: Effective role player.
  31. Mike Lamb, Grade B+: Effective role player.
  32. Josh Hamilton, Grade B+: Career ruined by personal issues.
  33. Tony Armas, Grade B+: Effective starter 2000-2002 before injuries.
  34. Aaron Myette, Grade B+: Stalled by control problems in Triple-A.
  35. Jack Cust, Grade B+: Stathead Bust. The scouts were right about him.
  36. Francisco Cordero, Grade B+: Excellent closer.
  37. A.J. Burnett, Grade B+: Dominating when healthy.
  38. Luis Rivera, Grade B+: Who? Ruined by injuries.
  39. Junior Guerrero, Grade B+: Who? Lost his fastball.
  40. Drew Henson, Grade B+: Football bust.
  41. Chad Hermansen, Grade B+: Bad plate discipline.
  42. Mike Restovich, Grade B+: Still looking for a job.
  43. Lance Berkman, Grade B+: Future MVP.
  44. Wes Anderson, Grade B+: Ruined by injuries.
  45. Adam Dunn, Grade B+: Future MVP.
  46. Ben Broussard, Grade B+: Decent power bat.
  47. Chip Ambres, Grade B+: Tools guy, might still emerge as a role player.
  48. Josh Beckett, Grade B+: Great when his blisters aren't blistering.
  49. Adam Piatt, Grade B+: Played well for Athletics in 2000, then injuries hit.
  50. Travis Dawkins, Grade B+: Good field, no hit.
Honorable Mentions
Hank Blalock, Grade B+: A great hitter.
B.J. Garbe, Grade B+: Never lived up to high school potential.
Mike Meyers, Grade B+: Stalled out in Triple-A.
Wascar Serrano, Grade B+: Lost his fastball, stalled in Triple-A.

As you can see, this list wasn't as successful as the previous ones. Injuries took a big toll among the pitchers, and there were some simple misjudgments on my part about some of the position players. It is still too early to tell how some of these guys will pan out.