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John's Favorite Blue Collar Player: Mark Kotsay

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John's Favorite Current Blue-Collar Player: Mark Kotsay

By "blue collar" player, I mean your stereotypical scrappy type, the guy who gets his uniform dirty. Pete Rose is the perfect example here, except Pete Rose was an XXXhole and always one of my least-favorite players. His hustle always seemed, well, not-as-genuine as it should have been, in the sense that "Charlie Hustle" seemed like an act, at least to me. But a real "blue collar" guy, in my mind, hustles and looks genuine while he does it.

Anyway, the guy I have in mind right now is Oakland outfielder Mark Kotsay. I've enjoyed watching him play since his college days. I have nothing to prove this, but I think that one of these years, probably '06 or '07, that Kotsay is going to break out and have a terrific year, like .330 with 25 homers or something. He'll have one year like that, then settle back into his current pattern of .290sih, 15 homer production for the rest of his career.